Transgenderism, Neoliberalism and Rape Culture: Brisbane talk

The mindless mantra “transwomen are women” encapsulates both the ideology and attitudes of transgenderism, and the neoliberal zeitgeist, in three words. It implies the destruction of nature, of biology, of our own bodies – including through the radical mastectomies increasingly conducted on adolescent girls, mainly lesbians. It is based on the commodification of women, and it leads to the removal of legal protections and social supports designated for women and based on sex, and using this mantra like a threat – because if you don’t accept it, you are a bigot – men are colonising women’s hard-won spaces, organisations, movements and safehouses as well as lesbian culture.

This mantra is also having the effect of consolidating the domestication of the whole political left – peace groups, unions, socialist organisations –and assimilating them with the establishment as they commit to and prioritise transgender mythology, purge feminists and independent, critical thinkers from their ranks, and build stronger ties to the liberal political parties and big money also promoting gender identity and funding the Pride Parades.

In this way, the lie that “transwomen are women” is the neoliberal answer to the myth of the resurrection within the Catholic church. It is the one crazy thing you need to accept, these days, to demonstrate that despite whatever else you believe in or work toward, you are ultimately willing to surrender your critical faculties and submit to power and groupthink.

Voltaire’s famous warning that “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities” is also pertinent.

[A]s Audre Lorde famously said, “your silence will not protect you.” So to women out there holding their tongues to stay safe, I say, we are living in an era of rising authoritarianism, and this ideology is one vehicle for it. You need to find your sisters. Now is the time to speak the truth where you can, in spite of those who will turn on you or who refuse to offer you solidarity – and find your sisters. We are here, we are healing and finding our voices together, and we want you among us.

Source: Transgenderism, Neoliberalism and Rape Culture: Brisbane talk – Writing by Renee

The Rachel Stewart column the NZ Herald were too scared to print

Speak Up For Women is publishing Rachel Stewart’s latest column, as the New Zealand Herald would not publish it. Rachel is an award winning journalist and one of New Zealand’s favourite opinion writers. It seems in today’s anti-women political climate, some feminist opinions are not welcome at the Herald.

It seems far-fetched that the mere hiring of a Massey University venue by a feminist organisation could cause so much indignation and rage, but these are not typical times.

These students believe that no one should be allowed to discuss, debate, or hear the reasons why many women are concerned about an amendment (currently on hold) to the Births, Deaths, and Marriages Registration Bill that would allow a person to change their legal gender by simply signing a declaration.

The group formed because they were legitimately concerned the amendment would prevent women from excluding men from changing rooms, bathrooms, women’s prisons, women’s shelters and any other women and girls-only space. In a nutshell, they don’t agree that trans women are women just because they say they are.

Why is it that some men are angry, abusive, and disruptive around such incredibly important issues to some women? What’s driving their need to shut women up? Why is free speech good for the gander, but not so welcome from the goose?

When did an open discussion by women about women’s rights become so threatening?

Actually, more to the point, when didn’t it?

Source: The Rachel Stewart column the NZ Herald were too scared to print –

Call for National Enquiry Into Gender Dysphoria

The National Association of Practising Psychiatrists respectfully request:

  1. The commonwealth government set up a parliamentary enquiry into the treatment of gender dysphoria in children in Australia;
  2. All medical colleges who have member doctors involved in treating gender dysphoria children (paediatricians, general practitioners, surgeons, endocrinologists, gynaecologists, psychiatrists), along with the AMA, the NAPP and other representative medical bodies, and the Medical Board of Australia form a joint committee to develop a set of practice guidelines for the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents under the age of 18 years presenting with gender dysphoria.

Source: Call for National Enquiry Into Gender Dysphoria – NAPP

Dear Scott Morrison, I am so scared my ex-husband will kill me I keep a notebook marked ‘for the coroner’

I share parental responsibility with the man who tried to strangle me and who continues to expose our children to violence.

I wake up each day wondering if this will be the day he decides to end my life as he promised. I have no lawful way to avoid regular contact with this man, and I dutifully follow our parenting orders to the letter.

In it I have recorded each and every interaction I have had with government and government-funded systems and services in my quest for safety and a life free of fear and control. I have made it clear to my friends and family that this notebook is to be provided to the Women’s Legal Service in the event of my death at the hands of my former husband.

I do this not to be morbid, but because I want my voice to be heard at my inquest. If I have to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of shared parental responsibility, I want Australia to know what happened and why.

Source: Dear Scott Morrison, I am so scared my ex-husband will kill me I keep a notebook marked ‘for the coroner’ | Anonymous | Opinion | The Guardian

‘She taught me to survive’: Kristina Keneally’s fight for parents of stillborns

In Australia, six babies every day are stillborn with the rate remaining largely unchanged for two decades.

[M]ost organisations in Australia don’t extend their parental leave policies to cover employees recovering after a stillbirth. Keneally’s quest is therefore to have more employers standardise this as part of their framework; a change that would not impact a company’s bottom line given they’d already accounted for that employee’s leave.

Source: ‘She taught me to survive’: Kristina Keneally’s fight for parents of stillborns

The Visible Farmer initiative showcasing power of women in agriculture

On International Day of Rural Women 2019, the Visible Farmer campaign is working hard to put a spotlight on the often hidden faces of women in agriculture.

According to the Australian Federation of Business and Professional Women, half of all our food is produced by the work of women.

Source: The Visible Farmer initiative showcasing power of women in agriculture

Trans’Woman’ breaks natural-woman’s skull as Transgenders continue to dominate women’s sports

Unfortunately it seems like women won’t be succeeding or winning in sports any longer if nothing is done about the rising problem. Men who claim to be born in the wrong body and are now Identifying as a women are wrestling, running, swimming, and out-sporting women in all fields. Not only are they destroying women sport but they’re robbing medals, awards, and world records that women have acquired through sheer talent and hard work.

Source: Trans’Woman’ breaks natural-woman’s skull as Transgenders continue to dominate women’s sports – Goldfire Media

On Psychopathy And Power

[W]e have found ourselves ruled by psychopaths because we have a system wherein (A) those who are willing to do anything to anyone are rewarded with immense wealth, and (B) immense wealth translates directly to immense political power. Add in the fact that studies have shown that wealth itself kills off empathy and compassion, and you’ve got yourself a perfect recipe for a plutocratic dystopia dominated by antisocial personality disorder.

Whatever you want to call it, people who have this condition (and are able to avoid prison) tend to do quite well for themselves by our society’s standards. Because they don’t see other people as anything other than tools and resources, they don’t let empathy and compassion stand in their way when viciousness and exploitation will help them achieve their goals.

They quickly rise to the top in corporate and financial settings, in media institutions, in government agencies, and in politics. In modern society this ability is a natural advantage that the rest of us simply cannot compete with.

But it’s not just our current iteration of society which elevates psychopaths to the top. A casual glance through recorded history all around the world reveals an essentially unbroken track record of genocide, slavery, torture, exploitation and degradation as far as the eye can see, with the driving characters time and again being depraved dominators, conquerors and mass murderers.

So what can be done, then? How can we ordinary, feeling, caring human beings protect ourselves from this segment of the population which has been driving us into disaster after disaster since the dawn of civilization before they get us all killed?

Passing a bunch of laws against manipulation and deception wouldn’t work either. Manipulators actually love rules and laws, because they can figure out how to manipulate them and use them to their advantage.

One can .. .imagine a culture which values empathy, compassion and helping others instead of valuing wealth, accomplishment and conquest.

In such a culture we’d see the ability to connect with people and work for the good of the whole elevated, rather than seeing the ability to do whatever it takes to claw your way to the top of the heap elevated. In such a society psychopathy would actually be an immense disadvantage, rather than an immense advantage.

And that, in my opinion, would be the marker of a healthy society: one in which psychopathy and sociopathy become grave mental handicaps that the afflicted need to actively seek help for.

Source: On Psychopathy And Power – Caitlin Johnstone