Castrating Children in the Service of Male Sexuality

Ritual castration dates back thousands of years and can be observed throughout cultures around the world. Eunuchs existed in China 4,000 years ago, were imperial servants 3,000 years ago, and were common as civil servants by the time of the Qin dynasty. Eunuch singers are known to have existed from the early Byzantine Empire, and Italy famously castrated young boys to preserve a feminine singing voice. At the height of Italy’s fascination with the castrati, in the 1720s and 1730s, it has been estimated that upwards of 4,000 boys were castrated annually. The hijras of India, now often referred to in Western media as trans women, traditionally underwent not only castration but also participated in prostitution, a practice that continues to this day.

Castration also figured in a number of religious castration cults. During the late 18th century, for instance, a religious sect emerged in Russia that preached self-mutilation, particularly of primary and secondary sex characteristics. The Skoptsy, as they were called, could be compared to Orthodox Christians: they believed in saints, heaven and hell, and that Jesus Christ died on the cross. Unlike mainstream Christianity, the Skoptsy sect also believed that Christ was castrated.

In decades past, the overwhelming majority of those claiming to suffer ‘gender dysphoria’, or a strong wish to inhabit the body of the opposite sex, were adult men with transvestic fetishism. These days, gender dysphoria is used broadly to refer not only to a male preoccupation with his status in society and the size or shape of his own genitalia, but to a discomfort with one’s sexed body in general. In this way, the male sexual practices of feminization and castration — whether surgical, chemical, or metaphorical — have been expanded to include women and children.

The reasons that women and girls experience discomfort with their bodies are profoundly different from the ways adult men express their desires to become “sissy sluts”, to “grow boobs” or get “girl skin”, or to otherwise inhabit female bodies for the purpose of arousal at being treated like, and degraded as, a woman. Therefore, I propose that what is really meant by “inclusivity” is the forced integration of women and children into male fetishistic proclivities in order to normalize them. In this, women and children are being treated as collateral damage.

Just as the Skoptsy, the hijra, and those responsible for the castrati actively indoctrinated children into self-mutilation, sometimes by force, so the modern transgender movement tirelessly targets youth. Through children’s books, social media, television programs, celebrities, and influencers, young people are being told that masochism and dissociation are not only to be celebrated, but an expression of identity.

It was necessary for the Skoptsy to alienate children from their families in order to achieve this; similarly, gender ideologues claim that parents are abusing their children when they attempt to protect them from harm. Gender ideology represents a new iteration on the strategies of previous self-harm cults. From the Skoptsy to the Castrati, women and children have long been mutilated to normalize the practices — whether religious, cultural, or sexual — of adult men.

Source: Castrating Children in the Service of Male Sexuality

Is defeating Stonewall the end of the story? | Simon Edge

We know there are some billionaire donors funding the extreme trans rights agenda, including Republican ex-army officer Jennifer Pritzker, who is trans; medical technology heir Jon Stryker, who is gay; and the investor and philanthropist George Soros.

As for strategy, the answer may lie in the so-called Dentons document, prepared for a group of trans lobbyists by the world’s oldest law firm, with the backing of the Thomson Reuters Foundation. It set out a cuckoo-in-the-nest strategy that is all too familiar to those of us who remember Stonewall when it was simply campaigning for lesbian and gay equality: find a more popular cause to piggy-back onto, and be discreet about it. “[A] technique which has been used to great effect is the limitation of press coverage and exposure,” the document advised. In other words, No Debate.

So what happens when that strategy unravels? When the media starts to disobey the “No Debate” edict, opponents of gender ideology refuse to be cancelled, and more and more people experience a Wizard of Oz moment?

But the real unknown is what lasting impact Stonewall has had on hearts and minds. A generation of young people now believes that sex is a spectrum, that children have the right to choose a male or a female puberty, and that any man who says he’s a woman should be allowed in women’s spaces. These young people are already becoming teachers, policy-makers, journalists and politicians, insisting that anyone who disagrees is a bigot who must be cast out of society. Taking Stonewall out of the equation won’t stop them imposing these ideas on another generation.

That’s the pessimistic view, but there’s also a more optimistic one. It’s often noted that identifying as LGBTQ+ has become a fashion for teenagers.

Fashions are, by definition, transitory. What’s more, ideas change very quickly under stress. Sooner or later, a group of detransitioners will bring a class action against the doctors and/or pharmaceutical companies who have facilitated a mass medical experiment on children. If it succeeds, it will be hard to find anyone who admits to ever having cheered the experiment on.

Source: Is defeating Stonewall the end of the story? | Simon Edge

If DV survivors’ horrific stories don’t warrant action, what does?

On page after pages of Queensland’s just-released ‘Hear Her Voice’ report, women share stories to make the blood cold of violent, coercive men.

The report is long – three volumes, spanning almost 1000 pages. Some of it is hard to read. Confronting.

And what makes it harder still, is the fact that many victims, brave enough to seek help and redress from the police, were disbelieved, their experiences minimised, police failing to investigate properly their complaints.

In all, the report makes 89 recommendations for change, key of which is criminalising coercive control by 2023. It says the period before coercive control becomes a crime should be used for the education of police, the criminal justice system, the community.

The taskforce had its genesis after the nation was left shocked and reeling when Hannah Clarke and her three beautiful young children were murdered in a suburban Brisbane street. Hannah’s estranged husband ambushed her as she set out for the school run in her car, pouring petrol on them and setting them alight. He, too, died that day.

But not all domestic violence advocacy groups and jurisdictions agree that coercive control laws are the best way forward.

Whilst Western Australia and Tasmania have coercive control offences enshrined in their legislation, and South Australia is in the process of doing so, Victoria has not – and the issue has prompted divergent opinions and debate about whether such laws are the most effective way to handle the problem.

Also, in 2021, a New South Wales parliamentary committee recommended that coercive control be criminalised.

Victoria, it seems, is the outlier when it comes to criminalisation of coercive control.

But it should be remembered that Victoria is also the only State to have run a royal commission into family violence. It made 227 recommendations. So far, 204 of them have been implemented and 23 are in progress. The Government has pledged all will be implemented.

Source: If DV survivors’ horrific stories don’t warrant action, what does?

UPenn trans swimmer sparks outrage by SMASHING women’s competition records after competing as a man | Daily Mail Online

  • Lia Thomas, 22, most recently competed in a women’s swimming event on November 20 between Princeton and Cornell 
  • She has been breaking records while competing with University of Pennsylvania
  • Thomas previously competed for the school’s men’s team for three years before joining the women’s team. Her last men’s competition was November 2019
  • Some have voiced their anger at her swimming success, claiming it to be ‘unfair,’ and many refused to refer to her as a woman 
  • NCAA rules dictate any trans female athlete can take part in women’s events if they have completed a year of testosterone suppression treatment 
  • It is unknown when Thomas began transitioning  

Source: UPenn trans swimmer sparks outrage by SMASHING women’s competition records after competing as a man | Daily Mail Online

Is The Washington Post Now Endorsing Conversion Therapy for Trans-Identified Children?

In a surprising editorial published in the Washington Post, two transgender activists and psychologists, Laura Edwards-Leeper and Erica Anderson, are now advocating for “gender-exploratory therapy” for trans-identified youth before rushing into puberty blockers, hormone treatments, and sex-change surgery.

[W]hen we said it, we were vilified as bigoted transphobes who wanted to implement the barbaric and primitive practice of – get ready! – “conversion therapy.”

But when pro-trans psychologists say, “Many of our health professionals are affirming kids too quickly in their trans identity,” they are now enlightened thinkers whose views should be embraced with respect. How ironic.

According to Newgent, the reason that the medical industry has been so quick to transition kids is simple: they make a lot of money doing it, and they gain lifetime income in the form of hormone (and other drug) prescriptions). Being pro-trans in the medical industry can be quite lucrative.

As for these activists now speaking out, Newgent does not believe that they suddenly grew a conscience. Rather, she is convinced some are coming clean now for one reason only: she exposed their moral and intellectual compromise while filming a forthcoming documentary with them.

And what should we make of shocking news reports like this? “Children being treated for transgender issues at Sweden’s Karolinska University Hospital have allegedly suffered severe injuries as a result of hormone puberty blockers.

“Doctors at Karolinska University Hospital have reportedly long been aware of the injuries suffered by children as a result of hormone treatments, however, the injuries were not . . . made public until this week.”

Does this not sound criminal?

Source: Is The Washington Post Now Endorsing Conversion Therapy for Trans-Identified Children?

Liberal senator apologises but denies ‘dog noise’ claims at Lambie

Liberal senator David Van has apologised to Jacqui Lambie for interrupting her in parliament, but denied claims that someone growled or made “dog noises”.

It came after Labor and Greens senators claimed growling and “dog noises”, directed at Senator Lambie, had come from a section of Coalition politicians in the chamber.

The alleged incident, on Tuesday afternoon, came just hours after a landmark report on sexual harassment and sexism in Parliament was released.

Source: Liberal senator apologises but denies ‘dog noise’ claims at Lambie

The Jenkins review has 28 recommendations to fix parliament’s toxic culture – will our leaders listen?

The report included a survey of current parliamentarians and people currently working at parliament house (such as staffers, journalists and public servants). More than 900 people responded.

It found more than 37% of people currently in parliamentary workplaces have personally experienced bullying in a parliamentary workplace.

It also found 33% of people currently in parliamentary workplaces have personally experienced sexual harassment in a parliamentary workplace.

Source: The Jenkins review has 28 recommendations to fix parliament’s toxic culture – will our leaders listen?

Qld cops deploy ‘game changing’ DV tech

In what Queensland Police are calling an Australian first, officers will be able to use world-leading technology to access better information more quickly when dealing with domestic and family violence call-outs.

Developing on existing software used by QPS, QLiTE next generation provides more data, including offending history, court orders and photos, to improve on-the-spot understanding for domestic and family violence incidents.

It is hoped the service will assist in making officers more aware of DFV history, with real-time data from across the nation instantly available via the upgraded app.

Source: Qld cops deploy ‘game changing’ DV tech