How penalty rate cuts affect women and therefore the economy

Women and young Australians are set to be hardest hit by the Fair Work Commission decision to reduce Sunday penalty rates in varying amounts for workers in retail and hospitality with the exception of restaurants.

Women constitute 71.6 per cent of all part-time employees, according to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

This is largely because of the flexibility it provides many working mothers, and the attractive penalty rates also allow them to catch up on lost pay.

Women will get pregnant for paid leave, Pauline Hanson says in opposing omnibus bill

Pauline Hanson has reportedly claimed that women will get pregnant to access paid parental leave in comments indicating that major changes will be needed to the government’s omnibus welfare bill for it to win One Nation support.

“They get themselves pregnant and [the government will] have the same problems they did with the baby bonus, with people just doing it for the money,’’ the One Nation leader told the newspaper.

37 Politicians Get a Mural Dedicated to Their Most Shameful Comments About Women

During the 2016 presidential campaign, audio surfaced of then-presidential hopeful Donald J. Trump telling Billy Bush that his celebrity status allowed him to “grab” women “by the pussy” at will. The revelation sent shockwaves around the country, but for artists Zoë Buckman and Natalie Frank, it was yet another line in an all-too-familiar history of disgusting comments made—on the political level—against women. The shameful sound bite inspired a new, 30-foot long mural titled, We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident, now on view at New York Live Arts, that makes art out of quotes from nearly 40 politicians who have, for decades, made odious public remarks about women’s bodies and rights.

How the court system allows domestic violence perpetrators to continue abuse

The experience led Ms Hadchiti to create a petition calling on state and federal governments to change legislation so that alleged perpetrators of abuse are banned from cross-examining their victims. It has so far received almost 19,000 signatures. Former Australian of the Year Rosie Batty, the Productivity Commission and legal aid groups have called for change.

Swedish nuclear physicist just got the world’s first approved birth control app – as effective as the pill but usi ng only mathematics

For over a year Elina Berglund nuclear physicist has been fighting authorities and malicious headlines. Now her app will be the first in the world to be approved as a contraceptive.

That means Natural Cycles officially offers a new, clinically tested alternative to birth control methods such as contraceptive pills, contraceptive implants and condoms.

I got flowers today movement: This is Simone O’Brien’s story.

For some, the flowers they will receive do not represent brightness. They represent something far more sinister. Something powerful in its darkness and brutality. Something menacing and breathlessly cruel.

“When it comes to domestic violence, there will be emotional, financial, or physical violence, and then there will be apologies and sorries and tears and flowers,” Karen Willis, the foundation’s Executive Officer of 15 years, told me.

Susan Ryan’s wisdom: keep going, you’ll get there

Susan Ryan is the former age discrimination commissioner and was the first female Labor minister in the federal government. When she set out on her mission to fight for education reform and women’s rights in the 70s, she thought change would be swift. Life has taught her to be patient, and to never give up. ‘I felt from the youngest possible age that it was unfair and intolerable that females were regarded as second-class citizens’

What’s Killing America’s Black Infants?

Now, a growing body of evidence points to racial discrimination, rather than race itself, as the dominant factor in explaining why so many black babies are dying. The research suggests that what happens outside a woman’s body—not just during the nine months of pregnancy—can profoundly affect the biology within. One study found that black women living in poorer neighborhoods were more likely to have low-birth-weight infants regardless of their own socioeconomic status.

Gun lobby donated $350,000 to Australian political parties in a year

Australian political parties accepted more than $300,000 in donations over 12 months from the firearms lobby,gun suppliers and manufacturers, sparking concern among gun control groups.

. . . the Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia Limited also disclosed the 16 individual recipients of its donations, which included Liberal and National members of parliament who belong to the Parliamentary Friends of Shooting. The group is chaired by the Nationals senator Bridget McKenzie and the deputy chair is the Labor MP Anthony Byrne.

The country where Valentine’s Day is the most dangerous day of the year

Cambodia already has a fairly significant problem with rape. According to United Nations research, one in five Cambodian men admit to raping a woman at least once.

Many young Cambodians, researcher Tong said, neither understand the “background of Valentine’s Day,” nor the fact that one doesn’t need to have sex regardless of a partner’s wishes. “There has been a shift among Cambodian youth from viewing the day as a celebration of love to simply being a catalyst for sex,” he told the Phnom Penh Post.

Women of America: we’re going on strike. Join us so Trump will see our power

Lean-in feminism and other variants of corporate feminism have failed the overwhelming majority of us, who do not have access to individual self-promotion and advancement and whose conditions of life can be improved only through policies that defend social reproduction, secure reproductive justice and guarantee labor rights. As we see it, the new wave of women’s mobilization must address all these concerns in a frontal way. It must be a feminism for the 99%.

Let us join together on 8 March to strike, walk out, march and demonstrate. Let us use the occasion of this international day of action to be done with lean-in feminism and to build in its place a feminism for the 99%, a grassroots, anti-capitalist feminism – a feminism in solidarity with working women, their families and their allies throughout the world.

Senate Republicans silence Elizabeth Warren over letter on Jeff Sessions

Senate Republicans voted on Tuesday night to silence Elizabeth Warren for reading out a letter from the widow of Martin Luther King during a debate over Senator Jeff Sessions’ nomination for attorney general, eliciting furious response from Democrats.

Warren objected: “I am surprised that the words of Coretta Scott King are not suitable for debate in the United States Senate. I ask leave of the Senate to continue my remarks.”

Get Hairy February campaign encourages women to grow body hair to support victims of violence

A new national campaign to raise money to fight violence against women is encouraging women to go au naturale and stop shaving their legs and underarms during February.

“It’s acceptable for men to grow seedy moustaches in workplaces around the country, but would it be as acceptable for women to do the same with their armpit and legs hair in the warmer months of February? It’s part of creating that conversation.”

Get Hairy February is about ensuring women have the choice to shave or not to shave, which includes being able to choose not to shave without shame and stigma.

Eva Cox’s wisdom: dare to be difficult

In a lifetime of pushing the boundaries, from her birth in 1930s Austria and through her postwar life in Australia, the feminist, academic and activist Eva Cox has never shied away from being difficult. In fact, she sees it as her duty. ‘Don’t worry about being called difficult. It shows you’re making a difference … We need the stirrers, we need the outsiders, we need the people who change things’

A call to feminists to remember the history and sex-based nature of women’s oppression

Nowadays, notions of “gender identity” for instance, are threatening to swallow women’s collective understandings of sex-based oppression whole. A “gender identity” ideology claims that gender is a personal matter of identification, and one’s biological sex can be switched and changed at will. “Cis” is a word women are increasingly adopting to signal they understand the “privilege” of having a gender identity that matches their biological sex. At the same time, of course, women are being pressured to swallow the idea that biological sex itself isn’t real.

This brilliant essay provides “a potted history of the cancerous, globalised, Western system of sexual objectification we live under today” and “tracks the development of sex-based oppression from its roots, through the witchcraze, slave trade, pathologisation of women’s bodies in gynecology, and backlashes to feminist uprising up to today.” Crucial reading.

Hen dos are a deeply sad and conservative tradition – like marriage itself

Hen dos didn’t really start here till the mid 80s and really got going in the 90s. This is exactly when feminism became devalued; now it simply means doing some of what men do. Men have stags. We can ape this and – woop-de-do – call it equality.

This commodification of equality into consumer choice has been pumped out everywhere. It consciously avoids the central and difficult question: if we are to have special licensed nights when we can go wild, what exactly are we doing getting married? Never mind the special day, what about a special life?
These are the days where the myth of feminism going too far is everywhere as an explanation as to why the poor guys have to kick back. In reality, the threat that liberation for women would challenge both marriage and the nuclear family has been successfully neutered for the past 15 years. Weddings have got bigger and even more expensive, with every part of them outsourced and extended. The ideology of romance – or more precisely coupling – prevails.

Domestic violence leave a small cost to employers but priceless to victims

The cost of paid domestic violence leave is important because it is one of the key arguments against its proposed inclusion by the Fair Work Commission into awards that would affect 1.5 million workers.

Critics of domestic violence leave, such as the Australian Industry Group, have also complained that under the proposal of 10 days leave put forward by the Australian Council of Trade Unions, employers would also be paying the wages of perpetrators while they were taking leave to sort out legal and other related issues.

Stella prize 2017: ‘urgent national issues’ dominate longlist of Australian women writers

In the judging statement, panel chair Walker said this year’s longlist was notable for its topicality, and its heavy weighting towards nonfiction and investigative research. “Many of them address urgent national issues with particular relevance to women, at a time when women are fighting to be politically seen and heard, and to secure their positions in the public sphere,” Walker said.

Named for Stella Miles Franklin, who wrote My Brilliant Career under a male pseudonym, the longlist was announced at an event in Sydney on Tuesday evening which featured readings from performance artist and poet Candy Royalle, writer and actor Nakkiah Lui, past Stella nominee Fiona Wright, and Charlotte Wood, who won the 2016 Stella prize for her book The Natural Way of Things. The $50,000 Stella prize will be awarded on 8 March.

Housing stress ‘dire’ as elderly Canberra women resort to sleeping in cars

Women more than 80 years old are turning to Canberra’s homeless services for shelter, forced out of housing by the ACT’s rental market, low savings and family violence. Homelessness services are reporting a rise in clients who are elderly women, some resorting to sleeping in cars and couch surfing for shelter before seeking help. . . .

Of 175 women seeking homelessness support from the YWCA last financial year, 55 named family violence as the main reason for leaving home.

Police send sexual abuse brief about George Pell to prosecutors

Investigators from Victoria police have delivered their brief of evidence relating to Australia’s most senior Catholic, Cardinal George Pell, to the Department of Public Prosecutions for consideration.

Police have been investigating allegations that Pell exposed himself to three young boys at Torquay life-saving club in Victoria in the summer of 1986 or 1987. Another two allegations involve two former St Alipius students, who allege Pell repeatedly touched their genitals while swimming with them at the Eureka pool in Ballarat in 1978-79. At the time, Pell was episcopal vicar for education in the Ballarat diocese.

On Monday, the royal commission into institutional responses into child sexual abuse heard that 7% of Australia’s Catholic priests have been accused of abusing children in the six decades since 1950.

‘FGM happened to me in white, midwest America’

In 1947, when I was just three years old a doctor removed my clitoris. Female genital mutilation is mostly associated with African cultures, and non-Christian religions, but my FGM happened in white, midwest America. It took place in a church clinic that used a scalpel on girls who masturbated.

The impetus for my writing is concern regarding increased hatred and disrespect toward women, other cultures and religions – as if Christians in the United States had a flawless history.

Single mothers ‘lazy’, according to political wannabe

The Western Australia candidate once declared it’s a “lifestyle choice” to be e a single mother, and that single mothers are “too lazy to attract and hold a mate, undoing the work of possibly 3 million years of evolutionary pressure.”

It went on: “This [single mothers] will result in a rapid rise in the portion of the population that is lazy and ugly.”

Murders by people on bail: These are the victims the system failed.

One of the most common reasons women don’t come forward and report domestic violence to police is fear of their partner seeking revenge, fear of things getting worse. “Teresa was on edge,” a neighbour told SkyNews. “She was worried something would happen and it has.”

. . .

In the UK, 2011 research out of the Ministry of Justice found that every ten days a murder is committed by a criminal out on bail. In Australia, the numbers aren’t that high but they’re high enough.

We will boycott Trump speech, say Labour’s female MPs

Some the UK Labour party’s most senior female MPs have vowed to stage a mass “no show” at Westminster if Donald Trump is invited to address both Houses of Parliament during his planned state visit to the UK.

The party’s former deputy leader Harriet Harman led the calls for female MPs to “empty chair” Trump, saying his views on women and a number of other issues were “appalling”.

Anti-feminists attack the opening of Vancouver Women’s Library

Anti-feminist activists are claiming responsibility for a mob attack and destruction of property at the opening of the Vancouver Women’s Library on February 3, 2017.

Hours after the attack, anonymous individuals at Gays Against Gentrification posted a Facebook ultimatum denouncing the Women’s Library. The letter demands that the library remove books by feminists, ban one of the founders, and engage in “discourse” with the community. If the women’s library does not comply with these and other demands, the letter-writers promise more harassment.