Disturbing reports as gender identity debate rages in the US

The girl’s mother talked to investigators, saying she consented to her daughter’s relationship with Brown. She said she researched online and believed it was OK for Brown and the teenage girl to be in a romantic relationship as long as they had parental permission. She said she knew Brown was a sex offender.

Brown, a transgender woman who was previously known as Albert Brown, has a prior conviction for sexual intercourse without consent. As a juvenile, Brown was sentenced in 2005 for rape involving a 10-year-old victim.


A former teacher who made national news nearly two decades ago when she tried to retain her job at a Sacramento-area high school while transitioning from male to female has been charged in an Oakland triple homicide.

Dana Rivers, 61, of San Jose was arrested early Friday in Oakland on suspicion of killing Patricia Wright, 57; Wright’s wife, Charlotte Reed, 56; and the couple’s 19-year-old son, Toto Diambu-Wright. Police said the two women were both stabbed and shot, and the man was stabbed. They were pronounced dead at the scene.


Meanwhile the gender identity debate rages in the US with multiple court actions commenced in recent months:




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