Expose of how women cricketers are treated like second class citizens

Male cricketers fly home to be with their wives when their children are born; women have to vouch they aren’t pregnant when they sign a contract.

Men are guaranteed a doctor on standby at all games; women in the National Cricket League are not.

Women who work for Cricket Australia in non-playing roles get maternity leave. Women cricketers who sign a contract with the organisation don’t.

Women are contractually obliged to be “courteous”, men aren’t.

Men in the game earn a minimum of $270,000 a year, while for women it’s $40,000.

Men can sign multi-year contracts while women can only sign for a year at a time.

Women don’t have the same access to injury payments and income protection as men.

Women’s sport receives about 7% of Australian TV sports programming and 9% of sports coverage on the news. Even horses get more coverage than female athletes.



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