Hen dos are a deeply sad and conservative tradition – like marriage itself

Hen dos didn’t really start here till the mid 80s and really got going in the 90s. This is exactly when feminism became devalued; now it simply means doing some of what men do. Men have stags. We can ape this and – woop-de-do – call it equality.

This commodification of equality into consumer choice has been pumped out everywhere. It consciously avoids the central and difficult question: if we are to have special licensed nights when we can go wild, what exactly are we doing getting married? Never mind the special day, what about a special life?
These are the days where the myth of feminism going too far is everywhere as an explanation as to why the poor guys have to kick back. In reality, the threat that liberation for women would challenge both marriage and the nuclear family has been successfully neutered for the past 15 years. Weddings have got bigger and even more expensive, with every part of them outsourced and extended. The ideology of romance – or more precisely coupling – prevails.



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