Jacinda Ardern’s 60 Minutes interview and the fatberg of sexism faced by powerful women

For anyone who remains in doubt that women in positions of power must constantly resist being sucked into a giant, marauding fatberg of sexism and misogyny, Wide Awoke gives you 60 Minutes: an Australian TV interview with New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern. Or, as it might be hashtagged, #TheShitWomenDealWith.

Cringe as Wooley gushes that he has met a lot of prime ministers, “but never one so attractive”. Hide behind your hands as Ardern and her partner, Clarke Gayford, are probed about who does the laundry. Gape as Wooley gloats about catching a fish “bigger than the First Bloke’s” when he and Gayford, who presents a TV show called Fish of the Day, go fishing together – then jokes about Ardern being “the catch of the day” . . . Barf into your mouth as Wooley asks whether their baby, due this summer, was conceived during the election campaign. Yes, a prime minister in 2018 was actually questioned about whether she had sex with her partner on the campaign trail.



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