‘Complete joke’: Lawyers slam WGEA list

A number of lawyers are riled up over the Australian government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency for awarding certain firms with a citation that sees them recognised as an employer committed to promoting diversity in Australian workplaces.

“As a female working at one of these firms, I call bull****,” one anonymous commenter wrote.

“I stumbled across the salaries for the entire firm (whoops to the person who failed to save it on the confidential server!) and I now have evidence that bar the odd exception, men are on larger salaries yet are billing less than the women in their teams.

The list was also called into question by a commenter who went by the alias of ‘Frustrated’.

“I work for one of the global firms on that list. There is a massive difference between their policies and what they do in practice. In my experience, at least 80 per cent of the male partners do not actually believe in, or support, the gender equality policies of the firm,” they wrote.

“One of our teams has made pretty much every woman who ever went on maternity leave in that team redundant….while advertising for people in that team for the same position. They rely on everyone being too scared to actually bring a discrimination claim – there is a pervasive fear that doing so would make the complainant ‘blacklisted’ in the legal community for being a troublemaker.

“So forgive me if I feel like the WGEA list is a complete joke.”



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