Fact or fiction: Every third victim of intimate partner violence is a male

A Men’s Rights Activist website, One in Three, recently updated their infographics with information from the latest Personal Safety Survey (PSS) and Australian homicide reports.

They claim “the proportion of men experiencing current partner violence between 2005 and 2016, rose more than fivefold, a 552 per cent increase”.

This claim was repeated by Bettina Arndt in the Herald Sunthis week, along with deeply misleading misinformation on male victims of domestic homicide.

Intimate partner violence is the only life-threatening social issue where women are the overwhelming majority of victims. Suicide, murder, road deaths, cancer deaths, drug overdose, substance abuse, gambling addiction and incarceration all disproportionately affect men but none of those issue get a fraction of the attention Men’s Rights Activists give to domestic violence.

While men are certainly killed in domestic violence situations, their lives are almost never at risk from abusive female partners.

The “every third victim” claim is again based on a single data point and is easily debunked.

In the entire fourteen years not one man was killed by an abusive female partner. Not one.

But 159 women were killed by men who abused them.



One thought on “Fact or fiction: Every third victim of intimate partner violence is a male

  1. Statistics are so misleading- often the abuse cited includes mental and emotional abuse. So the statistics are skewed, in the intimate partner violence statistics, women are disturbingly overrepresented, one in two women murdered are murdered by a current or former partner. And we don’t even have enough research on homosexual couples to study patterns. Its so disturbing.

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