Women’s Reproductive Rights – Spoiled for Choice?

Globally, women’s reproductive rights are under renewed attack. This is evident not only in measures being taken to restrict access to reproductive rights, but also in an increasing trend to commodify and commandeer women’s reproductive capacities generally. At the same time as women’s access to family planning services are being limited, their “choices” for selling the use of their bodies and their children for the gratification of others are increasing.

‘This article – ‘Women’s reproductive rights – Spoiled for choice?’ – first appeared in Precedent, the journal of the Australian Lawyers Alliance, issue 144, published in February 2018 (Sydney, Australia, ISSN 1449-7719). It has been reproduced with the kind permission of the author and the ALA. For more information about the ALA, please go to: www.lawyersalliance.com.au.


Reproductive Rights




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