Do single-sex schools create hotbeds for misogynistic behaviour?

I believe there’s a correlation between all-boys schools and the violence at university colleges. Many students attending these exclusive colleges come from wealthy families and have attended private schools which, in Australia, are often single gender. And because many of these schools can be places for boys to learn misogynistic behaviour and toxic masculinity, it’s unremarkable that boys carry these beliefs into how they treat girls (and other boys) when they start university.

I feel this disrespect of women occurs in schools for boys firstly, because it appears to relate to the example set by the school hierarchy. If the management of the school is misogynistic, this filters down to the boys. And yes, this is related to the religious nature of most private boys’ schools. Since religion itself is innately misogynistic, why are we surprised if and when boys learn the same attitudes?

We reap what we sow, and Australia is currently reaping the results of a poisonous culture of entitlement, white male privilege, and toxic masculinity.

For the sake of all girls and young women, these schools and university colleges must do better.


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