Why we still need International Women’s Day 2018. We’re not done yet.

At the age of nine, I had no idea how deep-rooted and insidious inequality was. I never could have imagined that four decades down the track, women in Australia would still be paying the price for being born female. And yet we are.

Women earn less than men – about 15 per cent less. . . . Women are being injured and killed by their partners at a shocking rate. . . . Women are doing most of the unpaid work. . . .Women suffer sexual harassment and abuse so frequently that it’s almost a universal experience of being female. . . . Women are expected to meet ridiculously high standards of beauty. . . . The list of beauty procedures considered normal keeps growing. . . .

Yet some people will still insist women in Australia have achieved equality. Nothing more to talk about. Stop whingeing. Move on.

I wish I could be as optimistic about female equality as I was when I was nine, but I’m no longer that naïve.

Today is International Women’s Day. Yes, we still need it.



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