Quiz! Do women suck? Or is it the world?

Happy International Women’s Day! According to Australia’s Human Rights Commission, women make up 50.2% of Australia’s population. That means that women get 50.2% of everything, right?

My womanly obsession with facts is why I’ve put together this fun quiz! So many women find themselves suspecting – merely on the basis of instinct, observation or just plain lived experience – that even in pretty Australia something seems desperately out of whack in regards to the statistical social, political and economic experience of women to men. So my IWD gift to you, my femme cadre, is something rare and precious you’ll never receive in an argument with a beer-garden misogynist; hard data that proves gender disadvantage is not only intersectional, but true!

In the feminist spirit of gender amity and inclusion I’ve even included some answers just for “men’s rights activists” to tick, to spare them the effort of typing the very same things into the comment section after the quiz



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