Why Serena Williams was completely right

Tom Heenan at The New Daily writes:

Serena Williams was right.

She was far better behaved than many of her male counterparts in Sunday’s (AEST) US Open final against Naomi Osaka, yet paid a far greater price for challenging umpire Carlos Ramos.

And in doing so, Williams showed that women get a rougher deal than men on the tennis court.

The 23-time grand slam singles winner is no on-court angel, but she is no John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors or Ilie Nastase. She’s not even an Andy Murray or a Nick Kyrgios. And she’s certainly not a cheat.

Her ‘run-in’ with Ramos was the perfect example of the double standards between men’s and women’s tennis.

USTA president Katrina Adams told ESPN: “We have to have consistency, because when you look at what the women, in this case Serena, is feeling, we watch the guys do this all the time.

“They are badgering the chair umpires on the changeover. Nothing happens.”

The Women’s Tennis Association [WTA] has also declared its commitment to ensuring that “all players were treated the same”, regardless of gender. This was not the case in the women’s final, the WTA added.

Sure, Williams was angry and the incident did not look good.

But the double standards in tennis are staring us all in the face. And on that, Williams was completely right.



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