More Than 90% Of Girls In UK Worry About Going To School On Their Period

Amy Packham on MSN writes:

More than 90% of girls in the UK worry about going to school when on their period, according to a new report that identifies period shaming as a major contributing factor.

The YouGov research found more than a quarter (27%) of girls have missed school at least once while on their period. This equates to a 350,000 girls nationwide missing 2.1 million hours of education.

The reasons they gave ranged from shame, teasing and boys knowing to a fear of leaking and not being able to go to the toilet during lessons.

When questioning boys, Bodyform found that 20% of boys don’t know the basic facts about periods.

Grace Barrett, co-founder of the Self-Esteem Team, believes education is key to normalising periods: “People are still uncomfortable talking about periods because of how we educate about them,” he said. “Humour is a common tactic used to handle things that make us uncomfortable. Because periods fall into that category, girls are often left feeling like the butt of the joke.


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