‘Robbed in the cruellest way’: Family grieves baby lost to murder-suicide

An anti-domestic violence campaigner says the suspected murder-suicide at the Barossa Reservoir highlights the need for more to be done to prevent such tragedies.

Henry Shepherdson, 38, jumped from the Whispering Wall tourist attraction with his nine-month-old daughter Kobi in a baby carrier on Wednesday afternoon.

Police said initial investigations revealed a history of domestic violence between Mr Shepherdson and Kobi’s mother.

Natasha Stott Despoja – the chair of Our Watch, a group working to end violence against women – said South Australians were angry and sad at Kobi’s death and what it said about how women and children were treated unequally in society compared with men.

She said Kobi’s death and that of Kelly Wilkinson in Queensland “exemplify failings in the system”.

“We know that there are regulatory, there are legal failings, there are gaps in the law,” she said.

“There are problems with enforcement, there are problems with women being believed.

“There’s problems with apprehended violence orders being enforced.

Source: ‘Robbed in the cruellest way’: Family grieves baby lost to murder-suicide

Kelly Wilkinson news: Mother-of-three pleaded for help.

Kelly Wilkinson, a 27-year-old mother-of-three, was found dead in her Gold Coast backyard on Tuesday morning after neighbours raised the alarm when they heard shouting.

When police arrived at the home in Spikes Court, Arundel, they found the woman’s burned body in what they described as “a very confronting scene”.

First responders also found Wilkinson’s three children, all under the age of nine, who police say may have witnessed their mother’s death. They are safe and have been taken into care.

Wilkinson’s estranged husband, Brian Earl Johnston, 34, was arrested just two blocks from the Arundel property, suffering burns to his hands.

Johnston, who is currently under police guard at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, has been charged with his wife’s alleged murder and breaching bail conditions.

In an interview with the Gold Coast Bulletin, sister Danielle Carroll alleged that recently: “Kelly said, ‘I am scared for my life, I am scared for my children’s life. We are not safe.'”

“She was saying this to the police over and over and nothing was done. There was no support, there was no safeguard,” she added.

Her sister Natalie Wilkinson agreed, telling 7News: “I would drive her to the police station almost every day to make breaches and reports and still nothing.”

Source: Kelly Wilkinson news: Mother-of-three pleaded for help.

‘I was told to live with it’: women tell of doctors dismissing their pain | Women’s health | The Guardian

Data from the NHS Business Services Authority, which deals with prescription services in England, shows a large disparity in the number of women being given these drugs compared with men, with 761,641 women receiving painkiller prescriptions compared with 443,414 men, or 1.7 times, and the pattern is similar across broad age categories.

The women who reached out said they felt that they were often “fobbed off” with painkillers when their problems required medical investigation.

Source: ‘I was told to live with it’: women tell of doctors dismissing their pain | Women’s health | The Guardian

Consent video: Milkshakes bring all the headshakes to the government

After a litany of own goals that led to a crash in its approval ratings from women, the government has doubled down with a ludicrously ham-fisted suite of consent education videos, targeted at year 10 to 12 students.

It’s quite a challenge to get so much so wrong on consent and respectful relationships, but it appears this is one challenge the Morrison government is well able to meet.

The list of failures is long and would be hilarious if this wasn’t so serious.

They include:

  • A boy aiming a speargun into the distance as he sits next to a fearful girl
  • Another boy lifting weights next to a slim girl standing passively in a weight-loss machine
  • Drawing a deeply insulting equivalence between rape and eating tacos
  • Coyly avoiding any mention of sex, as if 16 to 18-year-olds might never have heard of it
  • Not even addressing the concept of consent with students until they’re in year 10, contrary to the advice of almost every expert in the country
  • Disrespectful relationships explained by showing a mean girl smearing a milkshake over the face of a poor, hapless white boy, ignoring all the evidence that shows violence is overwhelmingly committed by men against women
The “tortured metaphors” of milkshakes and tacos have been slammed.
  • A disturbing emphasis on fixing or staying in a relationship (despite the milkshake disrespect) because she’s pretty and has wavy hair and kisses
  • Relating to the youngsters with pinball machines and badminton
  • Videos with sets that look like Play School leftovers
  • The voiceover for the video in the technology section for year 10 to 12 students that sounds like it was recorded for the Play School demographic
  • Commissioning a grandad-professor-from-the-1950s type to do the voiceover about sex and rape – without ever actually mentioning sex or rape
  • The video called “Kiss”, about girls being the conflicted gatekeepers of sex, while boys pursue sex with no conflict or questions.

And that is far from a complete list.

If you follow the links through The Good Society’s website, you . . .  end up on a site called Fight the New Drug.

FTND is a US-based public charity, which claims to have no religious affiliation, despite all its founding members being Mormon and as The Atlantic’s James Hamblin notes, “its facts rely on claims from Mormon author Donald Hilton’s He Restoreth My Soul: Understanding and Breaking the Chemical and Spiritual Chains of Pornography through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.”

This is not the only American link. The videos have a strangely American slant.

Source: Consent video: Milkshakes bring all the headshakes to the government

Federal appeals court rules professors do not to have to respect student pronouns – JURIST – News – Legal News & Commentary

The US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit held  . . . that public universities cannot compel professors to respect student pronoun preferences. Per the court, such speech is protected under the First Amendment, particularly if pronoun preferences go against a professor’s religious or philosophical beliefs.

This decision comes amidst a wave of transgender-rights cases currently ongoing across the US. Alabama is on track to pass a bill that would make providing any gender-affirming treatment for transgender youth a felony. Several states are also considering or have recently passed bills that would prohibit transgender youth from playing school sports on teams that align with their gender identity.

Source: Federal appeals court rules professors do not to have to respect student pronouns – JURIST – News – Legal News & Commentary

Rape suspects can choose to self-identify as female | Scotland | The Times

Rape suspects are able to self-identify as female, it was revealed after a freedom of information request by a feminist policy think-tank.

Police Scotland said that if a rape or attempted rape was perpetrated by a “male who self-identifies as a woman . . . the male who self-identifies as a woman would be expected to be recorded as a female on relevant police systems.”

Source: Rape suspects can choose to self-identify as female | Scotland | The Times

ACLU blocks woman’s request for data on numbers of transgender inmates in women’s prisons | The Post Millennial

A woman was interested to know how many inmates in Washington state identify as transgender, and how many of those transgender identified inmates have been given transfers to go from men’s prison to women’s prison, and the reverse. To get this information, she filed a Freedom on Information Act request. Instead of getting the information she requested, she got sued by the ACLU.

WoLF is fighting the injunction, which aims to prevent the public from obtaining information about the number of male prisoners currently housed in women’s prisons.

“I started requesting information about what is happening in US prisons after learning about cases abroad where violent male offenders were housed in women’s prisons,” the woman who made the request told The Post Millennial, “including a case where a woman became pregnant as a result. Due to the shameful lack of impartial media reporting on this issue, the public can’t trust the institutions we’ve come to rely on to get accurate information.

The Washington Department of Corrections did not respond to the public request within the given time period, and WoLF tells The Post Millennial that is is unclear as to how the ACLU got wind of this FOIA request, and had time to put together a lawsuit, within the 10 days from which the request was made.

The woman is not wrong. In fact, Washington state radio host Dori Monson has detailed several accounts of women who are housed in women’s prisons in the state and have been raped by gender non-conforming males who identify as transgender and have successfully been transferred into women’s prisons. Monson writes that there were “two inmates moved from male to female prison. One is a serial killer who admitted to killing prostitutes and hating women, another is a sex offender charged with having sex with a 12 year old.”

In California, after a bill was passed in July 2020 that authorized inmates to be housed according to gender identity and not biological sex, despite their status as regards sex reassignment surgery, more than 260 inmates have requested a transfer since the beginning of the year when the law took effect. California also has a policy of funding sex reassignment surgeries for inmates, and prior to the new law, once a biological male prisoner had undergone that surgery, namely castration, that person could be transferred to a women’s prison. This resulted in the case of a notorious baby killer undergoing the surgery and then being transferred into the same prison where the women whose children he killed is housed.

Women, including former inmates, have launched protests, but it’s nearly impossible to figure out what’s going on because once a biological male identifies as female, the Correctional Services of Canada officially records them as female. This means, additionally, that the crimes those biological men committed before they self-identified as women are recorded as crimes committed by women. And the numbers as regards the sex-breakdown of inmates in women’s prisons is not accurate.

Source: ACLU blocks woman’s request for data on numbers of transgender inmates in women’s prisons | The Post Millennial

It’s not transphobic to question transgenderism | The Spectator Australia

At no point during my lifetime has any fixation consumed western culture with the rapidity of our obsession with transgenderism. I’ve never seen anything like it. Documentaries flooded television schedules. Films and series suddenly had trans characters; Transparent had a trans protagonist. Publishers are now awash in manuscripts about coming out as trans and transitioning. Schools, even kindergartens, have revamped their curriculums, social services their protocols. On university campuses, it’s now routine to include one’s ‘preferred pronoun’ in class introductions. None of this is new to you Speccie readers, who have withstood the same cultural avalanche. But if you’re savvy, you’ve either exclusively talked up how bloody marvellous this all is, or you’ve kept your mouth shut.

So what sorts of, if you will, transgressive thoughts do acquaintances fear being overheard? They sometimes venture timidly that maybe, just maybe, telling three- and four-year-olds that they have to ‘decide’ what gender they are, before they’re old enough to entirely grasp what gender means, might be a little confusing. Or that perhaps adolescents whose brains are still developing should be discouraged from taking irreversible medical steps while they’re still figuring out who they are. Others might worry tentatively that swapping genders could seem to offer the troubled a cure for problems that are bound to survive surgery intact. Still others might puzzle over why so few gung-ho parents on those documentaries seem concerned about their kids’ capacity to reproduce.
[R]ight now children and adolescents are making radical, often permanent, decisions about their futures that some kids might come to regret. The least we owe them is to talk about it.

Source: It’s not transphobic to question transgenderism | The Spectator Australia