Detransition: Provoke much needed conversations today

We have recently launched a new book in our Spinifex Shorts series – Detransition: Beyond Before and After – a brave and thoughtful book from Max Robinson who goes beyond the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of the transition she underwent. The book takes us through the processes that led her, first to transition in an attempt to get relief from her distress, and then to detransition as she discovered feminist thought and community.

Detransition makes a case for a world in which all medical interventions for the purpose of assimilation are open to criticism. This book is a far reaching discussion of women’s struggles to survive under patriarchy, which draws upon a legacy of radical and lesbian feminist ideas to arrive at conclusions.

Max Robinson’s bold discussion of both transition and detransition is meant to provoke a much-needed conversation about who benefits from transgender medicine and who has to bear the hidden cost of these interventions.

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Gabby Petito’s murder is a cold reminder of how little we care about DV

Gabby Petito was a victim of domestic violence who lost her life because the system failed to protect her.

New audio of the dispatch call made to police in relation to an argument between Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie has been exposed this week along with the intel that Utah officers had been advised of a man striking a woman and taking off in a white Ford Transit van with Florida plates shortly prior to them pulling over the young couple.

The report made was that he had struck her. He had abused her. And yet officers concluded that Gabby Petito had been the primary aggressor.

An inconsolable Gabby Petito admitted to officers that Laundrie had tried to keep her out of the van. She repeatedly apologised for the disturbance, blaming herself for the escalation in her boyfriend’s actions. Police with any expertise in domestic violence would have examined her straight away for what she was: a vulnerable and terrified victim.

Instead, Brian Laundrie got away. No arrests or citations were issued, with the police opting to separate the couple for the night, driving Laundrie to a city motel and leaving Petito alone in her van in which the couple had been living.

While the police in question will likely face disciplinary action, it’s critical to note that their conduct was not an anomaly. Time and time again we hear of law enforcement and policy gaps failing victims of domestic and family violence– not just in America but in our very own backyard.

Just last week, Victoria Police defended their leaking of a domestic violence survivor’s safety plan in court, despite two previous investigations and IBAC’s assessment that the information should not have been disclosed.

*Lillian, a Chinese woman who was slashed by her husband with a military style knife, called Queensland police with the chilling message: “my husband wants to kill me”.

When they arrived an hour later, they failed to ask *Lillian any questions other than whether or not she spoke English. Instead of bringing in an interpreter when she replied that she didn’t, the officers reportedly ignored her and went onto interview her Australian husband, concluding that a bleeding *Lillian had actually been the perpetrator.

Fearing the loss of custody of her child, Lillian was forced to return to her abusive relationship in order to protect her visa status.

Source: Gabby Petito’s murder is a cold reminder of how little we care about DV

AUS: Violent Male Pedophile Spotted on Lesbian Dating App

In what is apparently becoming a more common occurrence, some trans-identified males are being spotted on what is meant to be an app exclusively for use by women.

Brandy Lee Gwyer, a biological male, had previously been arrested as recently as October of 2019 after going on a knife rampage on Hindley Street in Adelaide, Australia. Gwyer was tased and dropped by police after terrorizing patrons at the businesses along the street, ranting threats at them while wielding a large knife.

Gwyer is known for going on unhinged social media rants, including lashing out at Sky News Australia for “misgendering” him, suggesting all people of color were “homophobic,” using racial slurs, and claiming the 2019 knife-wielding incident was self-defense against transphobia.

Another Twitter user, @frowniefac3, was quick to publicize that Gwyer had promoted child sexual abuse on his Facebook, where he wrote an extended post condemning the belief that pedophiles were rapists, while stating he didn’t “get off on penetrating kids,” and explicitly describing other ways he preferred to molest them instead.

.Source: AUS: Violent Male Pedophile Spotted on Lesbian Dating App

Felony Hate Crime Charges Dismissed Against Feminist

Thistle Pettersen was facing up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine for allegedly placing a “TERF Collective” sticker in Madison.

According to Lauren Adams, WoLF Legal Director, the judge in the case stated that the facts of the case did not support the charges, which could result in a maximum fine of $10,000 and a prison sentence of two years.

Pettersen, who is the founder of the feminist radio station WLRN and a WoLF member, has been the target of a years-long campaign of harassment by local gender extremists. In July, she was contacted by Madison Police and cited after they received a call warning of an “anti-transgender activist” placing stickers on news media boxes around the city.

Adams told 4W the case represents “an unambiguous win for free speech.”

Pettersen, on the other hand, is frustrated that taxpayer dollars were spent essentially supporting the harassment of a private citizen.  “I feel greatly relieved that the charges were dropped but they never should have been brought in the first place,” she told 4W. “I have endured public humiliation and harassment from trans activists for years in my community.”

Source: Felony Hate Crime Charges Dismissed Against Feminist

What next? RANZCP statement on gender dysphoria conflicts with AusPATh – Genspect

The statement attempts to stake out a middle ground between “polarised views” and protecting members from liabilities that could arise in rapidly developing and diverging legal contexts. However, professional views on the appropriate treatment for children and young people with gender dysphoria (GD) are now so polarised that the RANZCP’s ‘middle ground’ position inevitably conflicts with recommendations made elsewhere.

Since publication, an Australian court has ruled that a court order is mandatory when a parent objects. AusPATH’s advice is now out of date, since the objecting parent will no longer have to initiate legal proceedings.

With the benefit of an extra year of court judgements and law changes relating to conversion therapy, RANZCP advises psychiatrists to avoid cases that could end up in court and take actions to mitigate that possibility:

Conflicting professional opinions speak to the urgent need for regulation. In one Australian state, clinicians must seek court approval before prescribing hormone treatments. At the same time, a state Supreme court has heard a case brought by parents who lost custody after they refused consent for the child’s hormone treatments. An unsuspecting parent might receive advice to initiate puberty suppression and hormone treatments or might receive advice to initiate psychotherapy depending on the personal beliefs of the clinician consulted and their professional memberships.

The RANZCP (established 1946, 7000 members in 2020) is an older, larger, and more mature organisation than either AusPATH (predecessor ANZPATH established 2009, 200 members in 2018) or PATHA (established 2019 with 15 members). It is not surprising that they take a more cautious approach.

Source: What next? RANZCP statement on gender dysphoria conflicts with AusPATh – Genspect

French subject-matter experts have just published a collective principled stand against « gender identity  discourse and practices that are harming youths | «TRADFEM

We can no longer remain silent about what appears to us as a serious drift committed in the name of the emancipation of the « transgender child » (the one who declares not having been born in the « right body »). On the argument of only feelings erected in truth, radical speeches legitimize the requests of sex change. But it is at the price of a lifelong medical or even surgical treatment (removal of breasts or testicles) on children or teenagers’ bodies. It is this phenomenon and its high media profile that we are concerned about, not the choices of transgender adults.

Trivialized discourses claim that we could do without the biological reality, the sexual difference between men and women, in favor of chosen singularities based on « feelings » alone. These misleading speeches are transmitted on social networks where many teenagers in search of identity come to look for solutions to their malaise. In the name of « self-determination » – a slogan that appeals to all progressives – children and teenagers are convinced that they can change their sex with the help of hormonal treatments or even mutilating surgery. This rhetoric, spread by activists in many Western countries, uses fallacies designed to deceive.

We denounce this abduction of childhood. It is urgent today to inform the greatest number of citizens, of all professions, of all sides, of all ages, about what could appear tomorrow as one of the greatest sanitary and ethical scandals, that we would have watched happen without a word: the commodification of children’s bodies. Because by persuading these children that they have been « assigned » a sex at birth, and that they can freely change it, we make them into lifelong patients: lifelong consumers of hormonal chemicals marketed by pharmaceutical companies, recurrent consumers of more and more surgical operations in the pursuit of the chimerical dream of a fantasized body.

No, definitely, in the name of the protection of children we cannot remain silent anymore! We refuse that, in the name of « human rights », we should challenge this common base – the universalism of rights – which constitutes the foundation of humanity.

Source: French subject-matter experts have just published a collective principled stand against « gender identity  discourse and practices that are harming youths | «TRADFEM

What really went on in the Roe v Wade story?

Roe v Wade is famous worldwide as the Supreme Court decision that protects American women’s right to abortion.

But Norma McCorvey, the “Jane Roe” of the case, never got the abortion she wanted. Instead, she had the baby and gave her up for adoption.

Now, five decades later, the “Roe baby”, Shelley Lynn Thornton, has gone public for the first time.

Shelley was 18 when a woman sent by The Enquirer broke the news to her that her mum was Jane Roe.

She followed the news of Norma, who went from fighting for abortion rights to fighting against abortion, when she was befriended by Reverend Flip Benham, who baptised her in a backyard pool.

Four years later, when Norma knew she was dying, she revealed in the documentary AKA Jane Roe that she only joined the anti-abortion side because she’d been paid to do it, saying she was “a good actress”.

When Norma was right near the end, lying in a Texas hospital, attached to tubes, Melissa called Shelley, to see if she wanted to meet her face to face.

Shelley still wasn’t sure. And then it was too late.

Source: What really went on in the Roe v Wade story?

Victorian Women’s Guild – Threats to Lesbians

We are very concerned about the dangers to lesbians resulting from the advance of Trans Rights Activism (TRA) and the rapid, unquestioning adoption of trans perspectives by governments, institutions and community organisations. Not only are our rights to be lesbian, and to congregate as lesbians, being eroded there are even moves to completely erase lesbianism as a sexuality!

Source: Victorian Women’s Guild – Threats to Lesbians

Court: No Religious Exemption From Strip-Searches by Opposite-Sex ‘Transgender’ Prison Guards; Plaintiff Files Appeal – Women Are Human

US — Wisconsin. United States federal courts are caught in a quagmire with a case pitting the constitutional guarantee to free exercise of religion against the identity of individuals who perceive themselves to be the opposite sex. A district court determined that one person’s right to identify as and be offered the same duties as members of the opposite sex overrides another’s religious prohibition against being seen naked by a member of the opposite sex. Now a higher court is hearing the appeal.
West’s lawsuit contends that prison staff and officials subjected him “to pressure to violate his beliefs by submitting to a strip-search in front of, or by, an allegedly female officer,” court documents show. Since 1995, West has been a devout Muslim also known as Mansa Lutalo Iyapo. The inmate said he is prohibited under Islamic law from exposing his nakedness to a member of the opposite sex who is not his wife, and committing this sin would condemn him to punishment “in this life and in the Hereafter.”

Source: Court: No Religious Exemption From Strip-Searches by Opposite-Sex ‘Transgender’ Prison Guards; Plaintiff Files Appeal – Women Are Human

All-boys netball team dominate girls team 46-12 in under-18s state final – sparking backlash | Daily Mail Online


  • The Queensland under-18 netball title saw an all-boys team beat a girls’ team
  • The Queensland Suns men’s team trounced Bond University Bull Sharks 46-12
  • Members of the crowd directed abuse at the boys for playing in the match
  • Parents and fans were divided online about whether the match was wise
  • Queensland Netball said the boys had no where else to play 

Netball Queensland defended its decision to include the boys in the tournament, where they easily won their seven games on the way to the title, on the basis they had nowhere else to play due to the lower number of male players.

‘We are hopeful this will be a catalyst for a stand alone men’s competition in 2022.’

Source: All-boys netball team dominate girls team 46-12 in under-18s state final – sparking backlash | Daily Mail Online