3 More Kids Murdered Despite “Safe Child” Laws Being Enacted | US

Two fathers have murdered their children in less than two weeks—despite “Safe Child” laws in both states where the murders occurred. And a third father attempted to murder his son, but the boy miraculously survived.

On May 28th, 2-year-old Little Melody was murdered by her father in Florida.

On May 20th, 7-year-old Alex and 6-year-old Lydia were murdered by their father in Arizona.

On May 17th, 7-month-old baby Jaxson was shot multiple times by his father, also in Arizona, but survived.

Both Arizona and Florida have “Safe Child” laws. These laws are being widely promoted as the solution to the Custody Crisis. However, they made no difference in these recent rash of cases and have made little, if any, in the Custody Crisis overall.

The basis for all of these Safe Child laws is that children’s safety should be prioritized. That is ridiculous and redundant. That universal consensus is already embodied in the “best interests of the child” doctrine. Just the fact something so basic and universally accepted needs to be re-stated in the first place shows the real problem is with the system itself.

Another precept of these laws is that judges should be trained in domestic violence and child abuse. This is also ridiculous. However could these supposedly wise and highly educated beings recognize abuse if they did not have a three hour course on it? The proof that lack of judicial training is not the problem lies in the fact that judges routinely, deliberately disregard, minimize, and cover up abuse by fathers while falsely finding mothers to be abusive.

Related to that reform is part stating court-appointees should also be trained. But they, like judges, deliberately spin cases to the father and against the mother so as to abet in the custody switch. It has nothing to do with training or lack thereof.

Another tenet is that judges are supposed to make protective orders for children when necessary. Right. The problem with that is they make orders to match their false findings that the father is not abusive and the mother is.

These laws sound good, which is why they are so popular with mothers.

But just think about it. Dive a bit deeper.

Do you really think the OBN [old boy network] is going to allow laws to be passed that would deprive men of their #1 most coveted entitlement post women’s lib: power over their ex and children after separation—and specifically the power to use kids as leverage to get revenge on her for leaving?

Of course not.

Women need to understand that basic truth underlies all cases if we are to get anywhere in ending the Custody Crisis. Being misled into thinking Child Safety laws will make a difference in children murdered or abused just diverts from the real cause of the crisis and an effective solution.

The real problem is Family Court judges having near-absolute power: the power to ignore and violate laws; the power to disregard, deny, and conceal abuse by fathers; and the power to falsely find women some version of “mad or bad”—all in order to facilitate the Great Custody Switch.

Source: 3 More Kids Murdered Despite “Safe Child” Laws Being Enacted

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