$40 million announced to support women through menopause in NSW

In an Australian first, women in NSW will be able to access a network of dedicated health services to help them deal with menopause symptoms.

The NSW government has promised more than $40 million in funding in its 2022-23 budget to enable women to receive targeted support when they need it and shift the stigma around menopause.

The government will establish 4 new hubs and 16 holistic menopausal services across the state.

Currently, one in five women experience severe or prolonged menopause symptoms, but not enough are able to access targeted health support.

Common symptoms women experience during menopause include hot flushes, sleep problems, fatigue, night sweats, hair thinning, muscle and joint aches, and emotional changes. Most women become menopausal between the ages of 45 and 60 years, marking the end of the reproductive life stage.

NSW Treasurer Matt Kean said supporting women through menopause was important for their health, but would also help boost their economic security.

“This can have profound effects on not only a woman’s health, but also her financial security, as she is forced to spend or forgo income to look after herself,” Kean said.

“That’s why we’re establishing 16 holistic menopause services across NSW, helping to break down social stigmas around discussing and seeking treatment for menopause.”

Source: $40 million announced to support women through menopause in NSW

2 thoughts on “$40 million announced to support women through menopause in NSW”

  1. Sadly this means that more women will be medicalised and put on HRT. Let‘s hope the ‚holistic‘ centres are better, but really most of this money should go to alternative health practitioners.

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