'A boob factory': Cheap implants marketed to welfare recipients

Cheap breast implants have been marketed to women on welfare at clinics where the surgery is carried out by doctors who aren’t trained plastic surgeons, under a business model described as a “boob factory”.
TCI is now the subject of a class action by patients who suffered complications following breast augmentation surgery.
Several other clinics around the country are operating under a similar business model to TCI, with implants costing under $6000.
Surgery at these low-cost providers is typically carried out by doctors who aren’t plastic surgeons, and when complications arise, they can be ill equipped to deal with it.
The number of women suffering complications after attending low-cost surgeons has led to a world-first breast implant check clinic being set up at Sydney’s Macquarie University.

One thought on “'A boob factory': Cheap implants marketed to welfare recipients”

  1. This is beyond appalling on so many levels. In the United States, there are NO cash “welfare” payments – period! If you are unemployed, have no income and no assets, the most you can get is $190 per month in Food Stamps for one person, Medicaid (which is the same as no health insurance since no competent doctors will accept it) and energy assistance which you still have to pay $50 a month for even with no income, no employment & no assets. There is NO housing assistance – period. Disgusting breast implants aside, no poor woman in the US, preoccupied with just basic survival, could even conceive of such a thing.

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