A sample of letters to Council in support of Feminist Legal Clinic.

(Listed alphabetically by surname)

Open Letter by the Women’s Human Rights Campaign which gained 727 signatures in 48 hours.

Letter from Senator Claire Chandler
Letter from Wendy Francis
Letter from Eileen Haley, Women’s Human Rights Campaign
Letter from Geoff Holloway
Letter from Dr Antoinette Holm
Letter from Dr Renate Klein and Dr Susan Hawthorne, Publishers of Spinifex Press
Letter from Sue Leigh
Letter from Professor Patrick Parkinson, Dean of Law, Queensland University
Letter from Leonie McGuire, Edna Ryan Award Recipient
Letter from the Hon. Dr Jocelynne Scutt AO, Barrister & Human Rights Lawyer
Letter from Jeannie Sotheran, Facilitator of Lesbian Open House
Letter from Dr Denise Thompson
Letter from Freyja Vanir
Letter from Bronwyn Williams, Convenor FLC (& Women Speak Tasmania)

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Name withheld 2
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Name withheld 5

(more to be uploaded when time permits)