A Week in the War on Women: Monday 3rd June – Sunday 9th June | The Glinner Update

Monday 3rd June – This Never Happens #1 An obviously male suspect charged with the brutal murder of a man in Chicago is being reported in the press as a ‘woman’. Over the weekend, a number of news outlets reported that a ‘woman’ had been arrested for the battering to death of a man in Chicago.

It is clear from the innumerable explicit photographs and videos he posts to his X (formerly Twitter) account, that Victoria Greyson is a fully intact male.

This murder suspect, who regularly boasts of and displays his ‘big dick’ on social media, is being described in the press as a ‘woman’.

Also Today – This Never Happens #2

POWYS COUNTY TIMES: A trans-identified male sex offender has been jailed for the brutal and unprovoked attack of a woman in Wales.

At his trial, the court heard that Thomas had nine previous convictions for 21 offences, including assault, battery, sexual assault, and indecent images of children. He admitted one offence of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Thomas was referred to in court with female pronouns and even described by the defence as a ‘young woman’.

Tuesday 4th June – This Never Happens #3

REDUXX: A convicted murderer who beat and strangled a female neighbour has been moved to a women’s prison wing because of his newly emerged trans identity.

Miquel Toni Riera Prats, a Spanish citizen originally from Colombia, was a DJ in his mid-20s when he murdered 45-year-old bank teller, Esperanza Ferrutxe.

Wednesday 5th June – This Never Happens #4

NBC MONTANA: A trans-identified male has been arrested after a man was shot dead in Montana this week.

Witnesses reported that the suspect, 35-year-old John Henry ‘Joan’ Eikens, returned to his home with a gun and barricaded himself in. A siege situation then ensued during which Eikens refused to leave the building

In issuing its press release, the Missoula Police Department referred to Eikens with she/her pronouns and some news outlets even reported that the suspected murderer under arrest is a female.

Source: A Week in the War on Women: Monday 3rd June – Sunday 9th June

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