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I am a adult human female in my early 30s and I fell down a dark road and into gender ideology which led me to think I was a man and eventually led to me participating in becoming a trans rights activist (TRA). Talk about a minority within a minority and that is who detransitioners are. We are called terrible names and assumed to be grifters. Reality is we are hurt and traumatised people that were failed by many systems. Medical pracitioners let us down, family and friends who were meant to keep us safe from harm and protect us failed us. The schooling systems, mental health systems – many failures compounded and collided into what is going on.

But we are the apparent less than one percent of those who experience regret. We are not the “true trans”. Funny, how after a decade of transitioning, being involved heavily with the community, advocacy and years of being relatable to other transgender individuals – once I detransition they turn around and question my validity as a “true trans” person. When days, weeks if not a month earlier they told me how relatable my feelings, thoughts and experiences were as a trans person.

I am understandably angry, after how much advocacy and work I did to be used and discarded in such a way. So, now I write. I write and I grieve for what I lost, who I was, who I am now. I want you know who I have become, the mistakes I made, the wisdom I have learnt, so you can avoid the same mistakes or maybe you can educate others or be aware of warning signs. I just want to be seen and known. I have been invisible for too long and now I have accepted who I am. I am a monster of society’s making.

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