About our new Minister for Women, Kelly O’Dwyer

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has appointed Kelly O’Dwyer our new Minister for Women in his latest Cabinet reshuffle.

So can we expect O’Dwyer to do a better job than her predecessor, Senator Michaelia Cash?

The good news is that she is actually a woman. So she looks set to do a better job than Tony Abbott did in the role, prior to Cash.

And we reckon it won’t be hard to top Michaelia Cash’s record on women, given her apparent lack of interest in the portfolio.

In her maiden speech, O’Dwyer spoke about the changing nature of work and the new pressures such change is placing on families, including the difficulties of balancing parenting and careers. She said governments should not discriminate against the differing types of family arrangements and systems of care that are in place, and that businesses should be flexible in accommodating a wide range of employees.


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