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This research project concerns women charged with domestic and family violence offences. Women defendants in domestic violence cases are poorly supported (Bond, 2017). There is little information regarding their experiences as defendants and their specific needs and priorities.

Evidence is emerging that women in Australia and overseas are increasingly charged with domestic violence offences. Data in NSW suggests an annual increase of 10% in arrests of women for domestic violence (NSW Legislative Council, 2012: 18) compared to an average yearly increase of 2% for males (Mansour 2014: 7-8). NSW Women’s Legal Services (WLS) notes a sharp increase in women defendants in Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO) proceedings since 2010 with the majority of applications brought by police. According to WLS, many of these women report being the victim of ongoing domestic violence and acting in self-defence, alleging their version of events is often treated inappropriately by police and/or that the other party is using AVO proceedings to threaten or control them (Mansour 2014: 5-6). Similar trends are also seen overseas.

This project seeks to fill an important gap by surveying and talking with women about their experiences and identifying key trends in how such cases are investigated, charges laid, evidence used and case outcomes.

The data generated in this Research Project will help us to better understand (from women’s perspectives) how women defendants experience criminal processes in domestic violence cases and identify key trends in how such cases are investigated, charges laid, evidence used and cases finalised.


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Ethics Approval Reference Number: 2019/024