The Feminist Legal Clinic is an Australian legal practice that focuses on providing support to feminist groups, organisations and services and the women who access them. Our capacity to take on casework is limited but we provide information and targeted referral to many women and organisations. Our principal solicitor has worked as a lawyer for over 25 years across a range of free legal services, largely within the community sector. We meet within an informal and family friendly environment with flexible hours.

We are also the Australian country contact for the Women’s Declaration International and  work on law reform submissions and  community legal education projects to protect and promote women’s sex-based rights.

The information provided on this website does not constitute legal advice. The material posted on our News Digest blog does not necessarily represent the views of staff or management of Feminist Legal Clinic Inc. This information is posted in good faith to facilitate discussion or debate about matters that impact on the human rights of women and girls.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you for all the advocacy you do for women’s sex-based rights. It must feel so hard and discouraging sometimes, but I hope you realise the difference you make for so many women just by speaking up and setting an example of courage and integrity. I’m in a workplace where these issues are basically impossible to talk about, and the strain of keeping my mouth shut is really hard on my mental health and sense of self-worth. It makes a difference to know there are women like you out there.

  2. I am reading your 2014 report on the impact that gender ideological legislation will have upon women/ girls.
    How was this report responded to by the Government?

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