ACON: Exposed – ACON’s influence and where it leads

The ACON: Exposed project is lead by Australian feminists and gender critical activists.  ACON has used its Pride in Diversity scheme to influence the culture in Australian government and media, including the ABC and SBS. Pride in Diversity has almost 300 paid members, over 60 are Australian government agencies.Including trans-identified males in female spaces causes a conflict with women’s rights. When these agencies are developing policies and implementing laws, they turn to ACON for advice about handling transgender inclusion. This has lead to removal of women’s rights by stealth.


Source: ACON: Exposed – ACON’s influence and where it leads

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  1. This original murderer of feminism should be really gotten kicked out for the fact that it simply erased feminism and the reality of women as the only who can call themselves femalesMia

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