Adult Human Female Film Premiere – Labour Women’s Declaration

On the evening of Saturday 12th November, several LWD sisters attended the premiere of Reality Matters’ new  documentary,  Adult Human Female.

The evening, hosted by WPUK at Conway Hall, London was a sell out and there was a lively panel discussion with contributions from the floor afterwards.

The film charts the trajectory of trans ideology through our institutions over the last 10 years or so, drawing on in depth interviews with some of the main players in the movement to challenge it, interspersed with montages of news and social media items, some of the more embarrassing moments from our political leaders and location footage from various events and protests.

The film makers expressed hope that the film will be clipped and shared widely with supporters using it as a resource to inform e.g., politicians, local authorities, boards of governors etc.

Adult Human Female will be available online at 5pm on the 1st of December on Vimeo, and everyone is encouraged to watch, enjoy, and share as widely as possible – whether in your social media networks, with friends and family or as suggested, with your MP school boards etc. Reality Matters have produced a great documentary and valuable resource for all who wish would oppose the negative impacts of trans policies, wherever they may appear.

Source: Adult Human Female Film Premiere – Labour Women’s Declaration

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