After 17 years as a woman, this man has had enough

Until just four months ago, Jeremy Bate was living as a ‘trans woman’ after transitioning 17 years ago and undergoing sex reassignment surgery. Now he is angry at a system and ideology he says took advantage of him when he was his most vulnerable.
Mr Bate said he was angry not only because no one would help him when he started to talk about detransitioning, but because he felt he transitioned at a time when he was vulnerable after the relationship breakdown took away his stability.
He said he had never received specialist medical advice or unbiased counselling before agreeing to hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery.
Mr Bate said he set up a support page for people in his situation, called “Detransition”.
“There are going to have to be some pretty serious inquiries down the road about how this became so prevalent and how affirming treatment became the so-called international best practice,” he said.
“I don’t think people are aware of the implications of it.
“And we’re actually harming people by not allowing them to have access to biological sex-affirming treatment.” [category Aust, trans]

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