AHRC Gender inquiry ‘not open to debate’ | The Australian

A national inquiry into transgender human rights has been branded a ‘serious misuse’ of taxpayer funds by experts concerned it fails to seek a balance with the rights of women and girls.

Specialists and lobby groups have also flagged a possible “bias” exhibited in the Australian Human Rights Commission’s ­inquiry because it restricts submissions to experts “in trans and gender diverse matters”.

Senior Queensland child psychiatrist Jillian Spencer said the inquiry fails to focus on how the rights of transgender people ­intersect with the rights of women and children.
“All they seem to want is for the transgender community to voice any bad experiences they’ve had, and they don’t want to look at the whole rights issue for the whole of the community,” she said.
In her submission to the inquiry, Dr Spencer said one of the greatest threats to Australians experiencing gender dysphoria was gender-affirming care.
Emeritus professor Bronwyn Winter suggested the inquiry exhibited a “bias” because it “explicitly talks about anti-trans mobilisation and restricts calls for submissions to certain groups”. She accused the AHRC of “pre-determining an outcome by saying there are these threats”.

Source: https://archive.is/2024.02.28-115952/https://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/legal-affairs/ahrc-transgender-rights-inquiry-biased-waste-of-taxpayer-funds-experts/news-story/56437fc0babd289de85873bd895c24aa#selection-501.0-501.277

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