All Aboard: The Human Rights Campaign and the Making of ‘Transgender’ Industry Leaders/PART I

This is the story of how healthcare ‘leaders’ have been installed to harm my daughter and countless impressionable young people in America to create the burgeoning “transgender’ medical complex. Part I introduces the campaign. Parts II and III will delve further into the makings of this scandal.

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Enter one of the biggest ringleaders of the ‘transgender’ drive – the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is even an HRC platinum corporate sponsor.

In 2002 HRC first set its sights on corporations establishing the Corporate Equality Index (CEI) as a “national benchmarking tool on corporate policies, practices, and benefits pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual, ‘transgender’ and queer employees.” HRC has become a de facto government evaluating businesses for all things LGB, and in more recent years, all things ‘gender identity’ while they pick away at the political component. They honed their skills on the sexual orientation agenda. A document titled ‘Transgender’ Inclusion in the Workplace: A Toolkit for Employers is provided to make the job easy. The most influential corporations and lawyers climb on board following the toolkit provided and serve as role models for other corporations to succumb one day.

Political capital is at the heart of the CEI. Culling from the CEI, HRC’s Business Coalition has been established to spearhead legislative efforts. The ‘transgender’ lobby has increased its power from a mere 13 to 528 member companies comprised of the most powerful corporations in the country in 20 years. Today these efforts are geared towards the passage of the Equality Act, a bill introduced in 2015 that would provide ‘gender identity’ protection under federal law.

Many coalition members hail from the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries or industries that would benefit from the bill’s passage.These include pharmaceutical corporations represented by Pharma’s top lobby group, PhRMA. Members include Abbvie, makers of Lupron for puberty suppression, and Pfizer, makers of testosterone and other drugs for cross-sex identities. 

The Long-Term Health Equality Index (LEI) was launched in 2022, along with an LGBTQ+ advocacy group for seniors called SAGE.

On its board sit prominent people in law and medicine, including Kevin Williams, the Chief Medical Officer for Pfizer Internal Medicine, and Cindy Rizzo, the Senior Advisor of Evaluation and Strategy at the Arcus Foundation, a foundation funding body dissociation in healthcare.

Source: All Aboard: The Human Rights Campaign and the Making of ‘Transgender’ Industry Leaders/PART I

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