All the reasons why women can be the future of cryptocurrency

The future (of cryptocurrency) is female.

The majority of the (admittedly volatile) gains realized by bitcoin and crypto cousins like Ethereum this year however, have gone straight into the pockets of men. Estimates of the number of women investors and users of cryptocurrency vary, but most peg female participation at between 1% to 5%. “It’s tied to the larger issue of there being few women in tech and finance generally. Given that cryptocurrency sits at the intersection, this is exacerbated”.

“The bitcoin industry has been punished for the lack of women,” says Perianne Boring, founder of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, a D.C.-based trade association for the blockchain industry. “Women are naturally better communicators and on a mass scale, people don’t understand what Bitcoin is. The perception is skewed and it won’t be accepted as a legitimate technology unless we find a way to get this imbalance sorted.”

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