An Australian Woman Has Been Convicted After Taking Abortion Drugs

The mother-of-five was 28-years-old when she fell pregnant in September 2015.

Nineteen weeks into the pregnancy the woman was told by her partner that he didn’t want to have the child, Blacktown Local Court in NSW heard in May.

“At about 26 weeks into the pregnancy her boyfriend again urged her to terminate the pregnancy,” a judgement handed down by Magistrate Geoff Hiatt in July, but made public on Monday, read.

The woman then contacted a number of clinics in NSW and interstate, but was told they would not terminate the pregnancy as it was past 20 weeks.

Abortion is a crime in NSW where a pregnancy can only be terminated if a doctor believes it is necessary to prevent serious risk to the life or health of a woman.

Most abortions in NSW happen at private clinics but terminations in the second trimester due to serious foetal anomalies might happen at a hospital.

“The accused eventually found someone she believed was in Darwin, known as ‘Patrick’, who was prepared to facilitate a termination,” Hiatt said in his judgement.

“Patrick told her a termination was possible up to 30 weeks and he would send her pills for the payment of $2,000.

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