An inconvenient truth & the solution to 'having it all' we cannot ignore

Georgina Dent from Women’s Agenda writes:
Technology has enabled work to bleed into every waking moment. Progress has meant women are educated and working. House prices and the cost of living render two incomes necessary in many households. These factors have converged but it’s women who are carrying the “mother-load” to make it all work.
The global average is that women do three times more caring on a daily basis than men do. In some areas of the world Barker says it’s as high as six times as much while in others it’s closer to two times as much but it’s not equal anywhere.
There are only so many hours in the day and if the load isn’t shared women will break under the pressure. The reality is that if men did as much as women on the home front life would be infinitely easier for women. Sharing it all would make ‘having it all’ almost a cinch.

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