An open letter on the dangers of normalizing sex dolls & sex robots

The Campaign Against Sex Robots (CASR) writes in Feminist Current:
The Campaign Against Sex Robots (CASR) was launched in 2015 to draw attention to the new ways in which the idea of forming “relationships” with machines is becoming increasingly normalized in today’s culture. Sex robots are animatronic humanoid dolls with penetrable orifices where consumers are encouraged to look upon these dolls as substitutes for women (predominantly), and they are marketed as “companions,” “girlfriends,” or “wives.” At a time when pornography, prostitution, and child exploitation is facilitated and proliferated by digital technology turning it into a global profitable industry; these products further promote the objectification of the female body and as such constitute a further assault on human intimacy.
We are also concerned that childlike dolls and robots are being promoted as “therapeutic” for “non-offending pedophiles” and pedophiles. We reject the naturalization of pedophilia as a “sexual preference” and reject terms such as “pedosexual” or “minor attracted person” that serve to legitimize adult sexual violence against children.
We urge the European Union and the UK Parliament to conduct public consultations ahead of developing legislation in line with European and UK sex discrimination laws and the European Union’s commitment to the UN Rights of the Child.

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