An open letter to Joe Hildebrand from a psychiatrist

Dr Karen Williams, a psychiatrist who works with victims of violence every day, responds to Joe Hildebrand’s comments about violence against women.

You admit men are more violent than women, commit more murders than women, deliberately cause injury to others more than women and are jailed more than women… and yet you argue that being male has nothing to do with it?

It is worth noting that men don’t just commit more violent crimes, it is all crimes. 92% of the prison population is male but you wrote that gender has nothing to do with it. . . .

Joe, you end by saying how “good men”, presumably with yourself included, “don’t need to be told”.

But why would good men want to discredit a legitimate call to arms to address the major risk factor for perpetrating violence or murder? To take attention away from the senseless and unnecessary loss of life of a young woman? It’s hard to reconcile.

Source: An open letter to Joe Hildebrand from a psychiatrist

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