An overweight bloke just won a Miss America beauty pageant – spiked

Did you know that men’s legs, which tend to have better muscle definition than women’s, are often used to advertise hosiery? It seems men really do make the best women sometimes. Further proof of this came this week when a 19-year-old bloke called Brían was crowned ‘Miss Greater Derry’ at a Miss America beauty pageant. To look at the photos, one could be forgiven for thinking it was a social-media hoax. A woman of his, let’s say, bulk would have been laughed off stage.

And if proof were ever needed that transwomen are men, it can be witnessed in the fawning, gushing behaviour of the wider world towards them. Overweight women are not entered into beauty pageants at all, let alone crowned.

Before becoming president of the United States, Donald Trump co-owned the Miss Universe franchise. Earlier this month, Thailand’s first billionaire – a transgender media mogul called Jakkaphong ‘Anne’ Jakrajutatip – bought the company for $20million. The 43-year-old has already scooped up prizes and accolades meant for successful women, and has been widely celebrated as the competition’s first ‘female’ owner.

In the US, an unlikely alliance is leading the fightback against this trans takeover of beauty pageants. In a comic twist, the American feminist organisation Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) has been at the forefront of protecting the rights of females to become beauty queens. Last month, the radical women’s group won a legal battle alongside Miss America USA (MUSA). A would-be contestant – a male who identified as trans – brought legal action against MUSA, after his application was rejected on the grounds that he is not a ‘natural-born female’.

As WoLF’s chair, Lierre Keith, tells me: ‘You can roll your eyes about it being a beauty pageant, but the principle is the same whether it’s a pageant, a homeless shelter, a hospital ward or a prison. Women are saying no to men, as we have a right to.’ This is about ‘men claiming to be women and claiming a right to our spaces’, she says. The idea that womanhood is a costume that can be stepped into by men is the very essence of dick-swinging entitlement.

Source: An overweight bloke just won a Miss America beauty pageant – spiked

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