Anti-TERF as AMAB Privilege

For people born with penises (and conditioned AMAB) to demand total access to AFAB spaces is a gross assertion of unearned privilege and should be rejected, however deeply they may feel some sort of “essential” feminine identity.

Total-access trans advocates have whined and raged against women who assert their moral right to choose and enjoy separate or segregated spaces, and this is bullshit. There are many words for people born with penises who feel totally entitled to women’s spaces, none of which are pleasant. The demonization of trans-exclusionary radical feminists and use of “TERF” as a slur is male privilege . . .

Feminism generally asserts the autonomy of all people to freedom of thought, individual gender expression and broad freedoms of association under law. Such freedoms do not include the right to de-center the vast majority of women for one’s own comfort, including women of color and all ages, who are “cis.” Such de-centering is a selfish attempt to hijack a movement almost two centuries old, and should not be tolerated.

AFAB = Assigned female at birth

AMAB = Assigned male at birth

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