The Arcus Foundation has allocated 9 million dollars exclusively to Transgender causes. Interestingly if you search for the mention of “transmen” specific projects you will not find any. However some of the projects detailed do focus on “Transwomen” usually Transwomen of colour.

As I have noted before “transmen” tend to get deployed when they are pregnant or when it is easier to argue aganst the, sex based, rights of biological women. Their omission from any specific projects aimed at the needs of “transmen” screams good, old-fashioned, sexism to me!

It appears another tactic was to join with women Fighting for reproductive justice. This means that women’s fight to control their fertility is hijacked with trans organisations hitching their wagon to these long running campaigns. This grant is pretty transparent about its “strategic collaboration”.

Another surprise, to me, is how much of a proportion is going to religion organisations including Evangelical Christians and Muslim organisations. Next time anyone tells you that you are in an alliance with religious groups heres a screenshot to share! Over $10 and a half million to religiouis organisations. These organisations were not simply those who you might have expected to hold liberal, progressive views on homosexuality or Gender Identity. Instead many in the United States were explicity Evangelical Christian Organisations deep in what we may have come to know as Trump supporting territory.

You will find similiar examples of “forced teaming” if you look at the grants focussed on racial justice or homelessness. There are also lots of grants to organisations looking at strategic litigation in the area of LGBTQ or exlusively “Transgender” organisations. A few projects are also engaged in educating/lobbying employees of the United Nations.

Many of the entries also talk of funding to “grow grassroots” activists. Somebody should explain that grassroots movements emerge organically. When you are targetting millions of dollars of funding to “grow” a movement you are engaged in Astro-turfing not grass roots activism.

The media narrative also comes in for some skilful manipulation. These are the organisations involved in journalism or documentary film-making who are taking the Arcus Cash. The explicit aim is to ensure media coverage is shaped by the Trans Lobby.

As many of us are trying to point out to radical leftist groups who are screaming “transwomen are women” ,or other mindless mantras, mainly at feminists of the left, you are being manipulated by billionnaires. This is not a grass roots movement its an elite project and there is a lot of money to be made in fostering a bodily dissassociative condition that unmoors us from our sexed bodies.

Source: ARCUS FOUNDATION GRANTS – @STILLTish. Gender Abolition

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  1. I recently watched the documentary ‘Prosecuting Evil’, about American Jewish Holocaust Prosecutor Benjamin Ferenz. As Ben well knew, “war makes mass murderers of decent people”. Any one of us, in the right (or wrong) circumstances, may be persuaded to treat others inhumanely – especially if we allows ourselves to subscribe to ‘forced teaming’. In recognition of such potential, The International Criminal Court was set up to deter Crimes BEFORE they take place. And yet America – the birthplace of the obscenely wealthy funders of the Transgender Cult (which unashamedly adopts the use of ‘forced teaming’) – has decided it will not become a signatory to the International Criminal Court. America (Emperors New Clothes style) considers itself the exceptional nation, the arbiters of the developed world. Is it coincidence, or by design, that the unrestrained ‘civil rights’ ACLU (funded by Transgender Ideologues) is defending an Ideology hell bent upon mutilating children and oppressing women. Is it because they know that the International Crimes Court would stop them? Is that why Marty Rothblatt got in first with his entrenchment of muddling sex with gender in Human Rights Law? The sheer arrogance of these self proclaimed Transgender dictators (who are clearly drunk on there obsession with profits over people) has the potential to be the undoing of the human race. If there was any justification to ‘enforce teaming’, it would be to bring America into line with the rest of the civilised world and get them to rein in their own repugnant dictators.

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