Aussie trans group’s new rulebook bans ‘mum’ and ‘dad’

Exclusive: The words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ should be replaced with ‘primary caregiver’ and ‘secondary caregiver’ in the workplace, according to a trans lobby group influencing a slew of Government departments and the ABC.
ACON – which stands for AIDS Council of NSW, but has diversified into national workplace policy – describes in a training video that the term ‘women becoming pregnant’ is a “traditional” view.
And, it warns HR staff to “be really careful” not to have any gendered language in their work policies.
IT specialist Kit Kowalski, who is behind the website ACON Exposed, says a significant part of the population are mothers and fathers.
“If we should be inclusive we should be allowing people to still use these terms,” Ms Kowalski said.
“There is this idea that if you are in the majority you are allowed to be undermined.
“A lot of the video is taken up with the claim that LGBTQ must be mentioned in policies over and over again, even when it is not really relevant.
“But that the terms that relate to the most marginalised 52 per cent of the population, which is women, be removed.”
ACON has based its training on the template used by a controversial UK equivalent lobby group called Stonewall.
Up to 60 government departments and agencies, including the Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet, schools, universities and Police, the ABC, as well as private business has signed up as members to its schemes.
t receives $13 million of government funding a year and makes $4 million from organisations signing up as members and from its diversity courses.
It also runs a free and voluntary league table called the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI), which lists the most “inclusive” organisations based on whether they follow its recommendations on workplace wording and policy.

Source: Aussie trans group’s new rulebook bans ‘mum’ and ‘dad’

One thought on “Aussie trans group’s new rulebook bans ‘mum’ and ‘dad’”

  1. Who or which organisation has the power and influence to open the books about the direct influence of Stonewall (which has for a long time already nothing to do with gay/lesbian issues)? Because this interference in the scientific fact of the basic sexual differences (which cannot be changed, depended as they are on the sex of the individual at birth) is undermining and erasing the specific biological existence of the female sex

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