Australia Post: The key moments from Christine Holgate’s Senate inquiry

Former Australia Post boss Christine Holgate’s appearance at the Senate inquiry on Tuesday was nothing short of explosive.

Ms Holgate claims she was unlawfully stood down by the chairman of Australia Post, after the PM told Parliament last year if she refused to stand aside during an investigation into the watches “then she can go”.

Ms Holgate defended her choice of gifts, arguing it was not out of the ordinary for a CEO to give gifts or bonuses to executives who had worked hard. 

She argued she was being treated differently because of her gender. She pointed to “five-star luxury jaunts” to the 2012 Olympics, doled out by her predecessor, as an example of executive spending that was left uncriticised.

Ms Holgate said she also believed she “wasn’t popular” with Mr Di Bartolomeo and ministers because she opposed a confidential business strategy review conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, which argued Australia Post should be privatised. 

Source: Australia Post: The key moments from Christine Holgate’s Senate inquiry

One thought on “Australia Post: The key moments from Christine Holgate’s Senate inquiry”

  1. How far have we not come? They deliberately and systematically destroyed her. In a way, I am relieved that I can no longer work in paid employment (and qualify for a Disability Pension). My sincere hope is that assessment of pension eligibility is never outsourced to private enterprise (until after am gone). I am also grateful for my foresight to not bring children into this increasingly vulgar, selfish and inhumane world.

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