Australians the world’s wealthiest! And yet female homelessness on rise

Sandra Buckley for Women’s Agenda reports:
Currently, in Australia men retire with 47% more super than Australian women, meaning Australian women retire with almost 50% less than Australian men. So much less super, that the fastest growing cohort of Australians sliding into homelessness are Australian women who are aged over 50 and single.
It does not add up for us that women who raised you or who looked after a disabled child, sick partner or relative, in other words who spend many hours of her life performing essential caring roles, retires in poverty as a result of caring.
We are one of the few OECD countries that does not value caring and does not pay super to carers. Nor do we pay super on parental leave. We don’t pay super to those who earn less than $450 per month from one employer despite usually having several part-time jobs in order to have flexibility when looking after the kids.
One in two women in Australia earns less than $37,000 a year. And nothing will change for future generations unless we make substantive changes now.
That’s why we started the #Makesuperfair campaign at Women In Super.

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