Australia's New PM, Scott Morrison and his mentor, Brian Houston

Paula Matthewson of the News Daily writes:

Mr Morrison attends the Horizon Church in the Sutherland Shire, which is part of the rapidly growing Pentecostal movement and affiliated with the Hillsong Church. The PM lists the founder of Hillsong, Brian Houston, as one of his mentors.
[M]r Morrison’s claim to being motivated by Christian values is not always borne out by his actions.
Helen Davidson of the Guardian wrote back in 2015:
Brian Houston, the founder of the Hillsong Church, failed to alert the police about allegations his father had sexually assaulted children, and had a conflict of interest when he assumed responsibility for dealing with the accusations, a royal commission has found.
Frank Houston had abused up to nine boys in Australia and New Zealand, and in its final report on the case released on Monday, the commission found multiple failings within the church executive – at the time led by Frank Houston’s son Brian – in responding.
Hillsong Church Watch wrote in 2016:

In spite of what was revealed in the Royal Commission with Brian Houston covering up paedophilia, Kerry Ferguson’s testimony also demonstrates that Brian Houston was not afraid to lie, defend and cover for Phil Pringle who also covered up paedophilia in his C3 church.

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