Why is Surrogacy Illegal in Most of the World?

The infertility and surrogacy multi-billion-dollar industries, those who benefit from it, and others, too often attempt to out-shout any criticism of surrogacy by conflating surrogacy with LGBTQ+ rights and labeling all opposition to surrogacy as homophobic.

Defenders of surrogacy see it as a reproductive choice from a vast array of menu items ranging from IVF to adoption. However, these options are not available equally to all, but only to those who can afford them.

Anna Kerr, founder and Principal Solicitor of Feminist Legal Clinic Inc., Sydney, AU addresses the heart of the issue in regard to how much a of choice surrogacy is for the surrogates:

 … how often are these ‘choices’ being made under financial duress or in a context of social coercion?  …  Can we assume that women are truly acting of their own volition when in many cases their lives are so susceptible to the control of others? Or should we be skeptical of claims of ‘free choice’ and ‘consent’ in contexts that so clearly  … smack of abuse and shameless exploitation?

Kerr very accurately foresees surrogacy and other reproductive technologies creating “an Atwoodian dystopia that should provide the basis for litigation well into the future.  … international human rights provisions, do not adequately recognise and protect the natural and fundamental bond between a mother and the child she carries and must urgently be strengthened to prevent further development of a culture in which women’s reproductive capacities are commandeered and their offspring traded as mere commodities by wealthy men

Source: Why is Surrogacy Illegal in Most of the World? | Dissident Voice

Did you know…

…that 80-95% of people who say they are trans choose to have no medical treatment at all – no surgery, no drugs, not even therapy? Transwomen are just male people who subjectively believe that they are female. That’s it.

Despite some commentators describing an “epidemic of violence against trans people“, transwomen are no more likely to be murdered than anyone else, and the best data available shows it’s half as likely. In Scotland, zero have been killed. In fact, transwomen are almost twice as likely to be the perpetrator of a murder than to be murdered in the UK, which is not surprising since a male pattern of violence is retained regardless of any transition or cross-dressing.

Were you aware that 95% of prisoners are men, and 5% women? That most women in prison are there for financial crime, and most men are in for violent offending. Did you know that men commit 98% of sex offences? That 48% of transwomen prisoners are sex offenders (compared to less than 20% in the general male estate) and would swamp the female estate if they all transferred.

Did you know that a woman was asked to leave a shelter because, as a rape survivor, she couldn’t sleep in the same room as a strange male, regardless of how he identified? Are you aware that a man used self-id to access a women’s shelter where he sexually assaulted vulnerable women? Are you aware that a rape relief shelter in Canada lost all public funding for insisting they remain women-only, and had a dead rat nailed to their door?

Are you aware that despite less than half of changing rooms in swimming pools and sports centres being mixed sex, 90% of sexual assaults have happened in them? Yet mixed-sex, ‘gender-neutral’ facilities are constantly pushed, including in schools – contrary to law and building regulations requiring separate sex provision – when it would be more responsible to increase third space unisex provision for the comfort of those who need it.

Are you aware that studies show that puberty blockers result in 100% of children progressing to cross-sex hormones – whereas, if left unmedicated, the Tavistocks’s own research shows over 90%, if supported by counselling, are happy with their sex once they emerge from puberty. Did you know hormone blockers may cause sterility, a large decrease in IQ, bone density loss, and more?

Source: Did you know… – forwomen.scotforwomen.scot

Harry Potter and the Reverse Voltaire

[A]pparently what had prompted my colleague’s enthusiastic denunciation of J. K. Rowling’s statement of the political importance of the concept of sex was not so much any disagreement with the essence of what was said, but the thought that it may or may not be hateful to say so.

“I agree completely with what you say, but I’ll fight to the death to prevent you from saying it.”

If we are denied the language and resources to recognise, record, and respond to the facts of female oppression, we will not be able to ameliorate these harms. That is why, despite the many efforts made to prevent us from doing so, so many of us continue to speak.

The ‘Reverse Voltaire’ is of course a nod to its more famous cousin, the quote so-often attributed to Voltaire in defence of free speech:

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

The words were not actually Voltaire’s, but those of his biographer, one S. G. Tallentyre. Stephen G. Tallentyre was itself a pseudonym, of one Evelyn Beatrice Hall. Writing in 1906, the female Evelyn chose a male pseudonym to increase her chances of being listened to. And her words certainly were heard, though their true attribution is more often forgotten.

Source: Harry Potter and the Reverse Voltaire | by Mary Leng | Jul, 2020 | Medium

The detransitioners: what happens when trans men want to be women again?

There are no accurate figures for the number of people detransitioning. Most of the detransitioners I spoke to never went back to the doctor who performed their original transition, and to all intents and purposes may be considered a success story by their therapist or medical team.

I fear that the detransitioned women I interviewed are canaries in the coalmine. Not only for detransitioners, but for womanhood. They all, in some combination, found being a woman too difficult, too dangerous or too disgusting. “I put the problem inside myself,” says one, “when actually it is with how the outside world sees women who don’t conform to feminine norms.”

Source: The detransitioners: what happens when trans men want to be women again? | The Sunday Times Magazine | The Sunday Times

A Letter on Justice and Open Debate Harper’s Magazine

The free exchange of information and ideas, the lifeblood of a liberal society, is daily becoming more constricted. While we have come to expect this on the radical right, censoriousness is also spreading more widely in our culture: an intolerance of opposing views, a vogue for public shaming and ostracism, and the tendency to dissolve complex policy issues in a blinding moral certainty. We uphold the value of robust and even caustic counter-speech from all quarters.

We need to preserve the possibility of good-faith disagreement without dire professional consequences. If we won’t defend the very thing on which our work depends, we shouldn’t expect the public or the state to defend it for us.

Source: A Letter on Justice and Open Debate | Harper’s Magazine

Martine Rothblatt: A Founding Father of the Transgender Empire

Martine Rothblatt, born in 1954 is an exceedingly accomplished entrepreneur and lawyer. As the founder of United Theraputics, he was the top earning CEO in the biopharmaceutical industry. He identifies as a transsexual and transhumanist and has written extensively on the connections between the two.

The normalization of disembodiment has already been institutionalized and deeply imbedded in the marketplace. Children are being used in experiments both psychological and medical which are dissociating them from their bodies. Their schools have become indoctrination farms, the largest international law firm in the world has been recruited to help with legal construction of the “transgender child” and more than fifty clinics have arisen in the US alone in the past ten years to manipulate their puberty and hormones, setting them down a life-long path of medicalization at a time when we have never been more set apart from each other by our machines. The jig is up on this purported “human rights movement.” If we want to hold fast to our humanity, there is no time to waste. We are in the eleventh hour and must end this tech-driven, hubristic flight from flesh, mortality and nature.

Source: Martine Rothblatt: A Founding Father of the Transgender Empire

Job sharing CEOs mark a huge opportunity for leadership & true part time work

Nicola Rivers and Elizabeth McKinnon have been jointly appointed as Co CEOs of Environmental Justice Australi, each will work part time.

“Co-leadership of EJA will significantly strengthen both the organisation and the broader environment movement,” says Elizabeth.

“It means two sets of skills, experiences, networks and passions,” adds Nicola. “It also means high quality decision making, super-charged brain power and elevated energy at the senior ranks of EJA. And it sets a positive example for our organisation, our movement and the broader public about female leadership and job-sharing at the leadership level.”

Source: Job sharing CEOs mark a huge opportunity for leadership & true part time work

I Hit #PeakTrans By Treating Transgender Sex Offenders

They can’t come for my job, I’m in a gender critical organization, so I’ll speak. I’ll be one of the ones to say, we got this wrong. We need to go back. We need to re-evaluate how we treat gender non-conforming children with personality disorders or with ASD. We need to be much more careful with what medications we are willing to give to children. We should hold the medical community accountable for their years of careless experimentation on vulnerable children and put on full display the damages they have caused. The pharmaceutical industry also needs to be exposed, including how much money they are making off of this, how much they pay to social influencers on youtube and other social media services to continue the narrative and influence more young children. We need to examine how much they lobby the government for legislation for the T agenda which is causing a great deal of harm to an entire generation of vulnerable children, closeting an entire generation or two of lesbians, and silencing women all over the world.

Source: I Hit #PeakTrans By Treating Transgender Sex Offenders – Gender Heretics.org

Deep cultural shifts required: open letter from 500 legal women calls for reform of way judges are appointed and disciplined

In an open letter to Attorney-General Christian Porter, about 500 women working in the law from across Australia have sought changes to the way judges are disciplined and appointed.

Source: Deep cultural shifts required: open letter from 500 legal women calls for reform of way judges are appointed and disciplined