One thought on “Backlog of crown court cases denies women justice | Letters | The Guardian”

  1. Women have been denied justice ever since Blackstone came up with his bollocks Ratio, and his bevy of (male) black caped-horse wigged mates agreed with him. It is NEVER ‘better for a victim when so much as ‘one guilty man goes free’ let alone ten of them or a hundred of them. The overwhelming majority of sex offenders (97%) are men (or were until men were allowed to pretend to be women), and the overwhelming majority of victims of sex crimes (87%) are women (and still are despite the fudging of a definition which now conceals predators – no shit Sherlock).

    Fix that fundamental flaw in law from the outset (i.e. it is better that no guilty men go free – and no innocent women are denied justice), and you just might start to see some justice for women.

    Moreover, the insistence that female lawyers (or indeed any lawyers) must be compelled to agree to act for anybody – regardless of the offence – needs turfing out as well.

    Thanks to these two absurdities in Westminster Law, we have innumerable innocent people locked up in jail, while more and more guilty people are roaming the streets – because our adversarial legal system is not predicated upon justice; it is all about ‘winning’ for your client (guilty or innocent). Just STOP IT!

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