Biden Administration Gives Universities and Children’s Hospitals $100 Million to Prop Up Transgenderism

As the number of children identifying themselves as transgender quickly rises, the Biden administration has assured Americans that it is both safe and normal for kids to undergo medical “transition” procedures. Assistant Secretary for Health Admiral Rachel Levine, for example, has taken to social media to say that “gender-affirming care is medically necessary, safe, and effective for trans and non-binary youth” and has called chemical and surgical transitioning a “life-saving” and “critical tool” for pediatricians.

Capital Research Center combed through over 600 individual federal grants and contracts featuring keywords and phrases like “transgender” or “gender affirming” and identified over $104 million in payments to initiatives mostly or exclusively promoting, subsidizing, or studying transgenderism.

The Biden administration has already directed millions of dollars toward researching the health problems that plague transgender adults.

Millions were also spent on programs to study, treat, and reduce the staggering rates of HIV/AIDS infection in transgender people.

This indicates transgender people (at least in the seven cities) experience HIV at a rate over 100 times higher than the rest of America.

Emory University for example, received $172,316 to study why pumping biological males with estrogen as part of “gender affirming hormone therapy” makes the rectal mucus of transwomen more susceptible to HIV infection. On the other side of that coin, the University of Alabama at Birmingham received $222,750 to study why pumping biological women with testosterone makes the vaginal and cervical tissue of transmen much more susceptible to severe tearing and HIV infection.

A bombshell study by the American Medical Association published this week revealed that an estimated 3,600 minors have undergone gender-affirming surgeries in the U.S. since 2016. It directly refuted the claims of transgender activists that such procedures are never performed on children.

In August 2022, months before President Joe Biden publicly endorsed hormone replacement therapy as safe for minors, HHS pledged $1.1 million to Childrens Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati to study “thrombosis risk in transgender adolescents and young adults starting gender-affirming hormone therapy.”

[A]ccording to Princeton, no satisfactory evidence suggests gender-affirming care confers a psychological benefit to kids and young people. Despite this, Princeton University Health services continue to offer gender-affirming hormones and surgeries to students.

Other grants even focused on supporting behavior that many in right-leaning political circles have dubbed “grooming,” though the use of the term is considered highly controversial. The Seattle Children’s Hospital, for example, received $143,057 to develop a telehealth clinic for “gender diverse youth” and another $216,453 for programs to help promote healthy sexual relationships among “transgender and gender expansive youth.”

One particularly troubling $161,192 grant to the University of Wisconsin funded a study to determine how social media influencers can encourage kids to explore their gender identity without their parents’ knowledge. Another $203,050 was paid to the University of Nebraska to create an experimental “online mentoring program” in which transgender children could be paired up with a transgender “adult mentor” to discuss, among other things, “self-harm, alcohol and drug-use, [and] sexual risk-taking.”

Source: Biden Administration Gives Universities and Children’s Hospitals $100 Million to Prop Up Transgenderism -Capital Research Center

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