Billie razors: 'First razor ad with hairy women' wins praise online – BBC News

“Body hair. Everyone has it.”
Simple words, but they’ve prompted a debate in the US and beyond this week thanks to a new razor advert that shows women actually shaving their body hair.
Razor brand Billie says it’s the first to feature hairy women for 100 years and the advert has gone viral as a result.
On social media, many women applauded its close-ups of hairy female toes, armpits, monobrows and stomachs.
“When brands pretend that all women have hairless bodies, it’s a version of body-shaming,” Billie co-founder Georgina Gooley told Glamour magazine.
“It’s saying you should feel ashamed of having body hair.”
As well as its advert, the brand has launched an online campaign to normalise images of fuzzy, stubbly, natural women.
Can a company selling razors really say it’s not complicit in that?
Billie addresses the issue with a line of pop-up text: “If and when you feel like shaving, we’re here.”

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