BioEdge: Do transgender women have a right to gestation?

Michael Cook for BioEdge writes:

Successful womb transplants have given birth to the notion that transgender women or even cisgender men could bear children. In the latest edition of the Journal of Law and the Biosciences, Amel Alghrani, of the University of Liverpool (UK) strongly defends the idea that they have a right to gestate. “Transgender, non-binary, and other gender plural individuals have the same procreative liberties as cisgender individuals,” she contends. Denying them this right would be tantamount to cissexism.
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3 thoughts on “BioEdge: Do transgender women have a right to gestation?”

  1. Given that some transgender women like me cycle once a month mentally, I think the right to ovulation is entirely proper and falls in with the notion we are females inside irregardless.

    I fit in with females as I never did when presenting as male. I feel, look, act and live as a female today and people accept me wherever I go and they are very supportive. I only wish i had known about trans females and being one sooner…


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