Bizarre reason mums are being threatened with stalking charges

The Department of Education has threatened to call the police and have two primary school mothers charged with stalking over their objection to new gender-neutral toilets.

The parents received letters from a departmental regional director objecting to flyers they distributed to some local residents and online.
The new unisex toilets include three female, three male, and two unisex cubicles sharing the same washroom, prompting concerns about the lack of privacy and security.

Source: Bizarre reason mums are being threatened with stalking charges

One thought on “Bizarre reason mums are being threatened with stalking charges”

  1. Extremely odd indeed and questions need to be asked about the way in which the Department of Education is utilising its funds – taking legal action is not inexpensive. Are Department of Education funds to be deployed in prosecuting parents of school children instead of focusing on delivering education/educational services which is (as one understands) their responsibility and role?
    Why does the director or party issuing the threat of legal action act responsibly and reasonably (as in my opinion the present threat of legal action is not) by offering to attend the rally/demonstration and speak – if, as that individual alleges, the leaflet/flyer misrepresents the situation. If there is ‘misrepresentation’ isn’t the way to address this to come forward with whatever the correct information/situation is? Isn’t the reasonable and responsible approach to do whatever can be done to allay fears ‘based on misrepresentation’ as alleged? How can taking legal action – with, in my opinion, use and abuse of Department of Education funds – address the issue? I am bemused and amazed at the action reported here and do hope that what is reported is itself not accurate – for perhaps the Department of Education employs individuals with sense, not nonsense?

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