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The organisation Black Lives Matter is about protecting black people from police brutality, or that is their stated goal on the surface. Due to the media coverage of the death of a black man, George Floyd, at the hands of a white police officer, Derek Chauvin, BLM raised a large amount of money in 2020.

An account on Twitter drew my attention to the BLM 2020 Impact Report, about how they used the money that they raised.

It turns out that the majority of organisations that they support are LGBTQ* organisations, which means, in reality, that they are about trans identified males.

Black Lives Matter is an organisation that markets itself as working to end police brutality against black people in the US. Therefore, logically, their funds should go to activities that focus upon police brutality.

The Arcus Foundation was created in 2000 by gay Big Pharma billionaire Jon Stryker. This organisation is one of the billionaire promoters of gender identity ideology. Billionaires (particularly Big Pharma billionaires) have a large interest in promoting this ideology, as the more people take hormones, puberty blockers and have transgender surgery, the more money goes into Big Pharma’s pockets (see also Big Pharma is no different from any other Capitalist Corporation).

The truth is that black trans identified males are a tiny minority of black people in the US. Yet most of the money that BLM granted to outside organisations went to trans identified male organisations.

[H]alf of the transgender organisations funded by BLM are also funded by Arcus/Borealis.

Finally, we have to ask the question “Why are a (supposed) grassroots organisation that grew up organically funding exactly the same organisations as the billionaire founded Arcus Foundation?”

Source: Black Lives Matter is a Transgender Organisation – Cassandra’s Box

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  1. Well, well, well. Who would have thought?!? These mongrels are hell bent on their distracting mischief making division – then claiming to be embracing diversity & inclusion. Glad I am not in the paid workforce, as I would doubtless be sacked. IDAHOBIT – what bollocks!

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