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  1. Gender dysphoria is real, but this business of abnormalising what is biologically normal and healthy is absurd. Having had a bilateral mastectomy (in order to end the decades of backpain from having to wear a bra) was such an enormous relief. However, the ONLY way I could get a surgeon to relieve me of that lifelong pain was to claim I was gender dysphoric (which I was) and have that healthy (but unwanted and hurtful) body tissue removed. I will be forever grateful that I no longer suffer the back pain, but it was absurd that the only way a medical practitioner would relieve me of that pain was to claim gender dysphoria. It is a pity that the surgeon botched the surgery anyway (and I am still not convinced that was unintentional). I think he was not going to encourage anybody to have such surgery for any other reason than gender dysphoria – and I ‘wouldn’t take the kool-aid’ (as in testosterone) so he rendered my chest as ugly as you could imagine (which left me feeling like the equivalent of him throwing acid in my face). I suspect many plastic surgeons are misogynists who are more than willing to reinforce gender stereotypes.

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