Britain's top LGBT+ rights group under fire over 'transphobia'

Hugo Greenhalgh for Reuters reports:
Britain’s leading LGBT+ rights group was attacked on Thursday for stifling debate as opinion split over whether the rights of trans women were compatible with those of other women.
The debate has raged in recent months and was rekindled when a group of high-powered campaigners wrote to the Times newspaper to lambast Stonewall’s dismissal of opposing views to its stance that “trans women are women”.
At the heart of the matter is whether trans rights are compatible with those of other(sic) women.
A petition was set up this week asking Stonewall “to reconsider its transgender policies and approach”.
Ruth Hunt, the group’s chief executive, said the petition had asked for an acknowledgement that there was a conflict between trans rights and “sex-based women’s rights”.
“We do not and will not acknowledge this,” Hunt said in a statement. “Doing so would imply that we do not believe that trans people deserve the same rights as others. Our motto is ‘acceptance without exception’.”
Britain is currently reviewing its 2004 Gender Recognition Act (GRA), which governs services offered to trans people. The consultation period ends on October 19.

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